How to Deal with a Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet can be a pretty unpleasant experience. It can be smelly and embarrassing (especially if you happen to be a visitor!). It can be expensive to clean up household items that have been damaged by an overflowing toilet, not to mention a health hazard.

Causes of a blocked toilet

When people put the wrong things down toilets, toilet pipes can block up. Some of the things which shouldn’t be put into a toilet are food scraps, paper, rags, cans, bottles, grease and fat.

How to unblock a toilet yourself

You can try unblocking a toilet yourself without resorting to the coat hanger option. The best way to do this is using a plunger. To do this put gloves on and place the plunger right into the base of the toilet bowl. Plunge up and down.

Unblocking a toilet using a professional

You may have some luck in loosening the blockage using a plunger but generally plunging will only work for small blockages. If you see water backing up in the sinks or showers whenever you flush, it’s time to call a professional drain clearing company. Professional drain clearing companies will be able to clear the line completely using a high pressure water jet.

Professional drain clearing should keep your drains clear for at least 3 months. However depending on the condition of your drains and proximity to aggressive tree root systems, drains can block up again more quickly.

If you experience a blocked toilet repeatedly it could indicate there is something more seriously wrong with your drains. If so you will need to ask the drain clearing company to conduct a CCTV inspection of your drains. They will diagnose the problem so you can make an informed decision about how to fix the problem.

blocked-toiletIf you’re fed up with a smelly toilet and the worry of it backing up into your bathroom call Pipe Relining Solutions. We can investigate and provide you with a free quote to fix your problem permanently. Call us today on 1300 366 834.