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Sydney pipe relining

Repair pipes quickly, cleanly and without damage to your property and garden

Here's the problem with the traditional 'dig and replace' method to repair damaged pipes: Once the plumbers are finished you have to return your garden, landscaping and property to its original state.

This restoration work can be very time consuming and costly, not to mention a major hassle. Particularly if the plumbers have dug up your established garden beds, driveway, retaining walls or concrete slabs. And if the broken pipe is under your bathroom... well, you don't want to know about it!

Fortunately Pipe Relining Solutions now offers a quick and clean solution to repair damaged pipe work that doesn't require any digging. Pipe relining is a permanent pipe repair solution without the need for disruptive excavations.

The top 5 benefits of 'no-dig' pipe repair

Pipe relining has been popular in the US and Europe for 25 years. It has many benefits compared to the traditional dig and replace method, including:

Our sectional pipe repair method is fast and economical

We can repair smaller or localised pipe issues with a patch or sectional pipe repair, again without digging.

We use the state of the art Brawoliner system which is the best performer in strict quality control tests in Germany and the UK. It's been used to repair hundreds of kilometres of pipes across Europe.

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Repair pipes using Sydney's pipe repair experts

Pipe Relining Solutions are Sydney's leading experts in 'no dig' pipe repair. Our experienced plumbers are fully licensed, our equipment is state of the art, and our work is fully guaranteed. Sydney's pipe repair experts.

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What our clients say

We had a recurring pipe blockage problem with roots from a 100 year old heritage tree which was situated directly above our sewer pipe. Pipe Relining Solutions used the CCTV to clearly identify what rectification work was required, which was clearly explained and quoted. The job was a combination of pipe replacement and relining (under the tree). The team were prompt, reliable and left the site cleaner then when they arrived. We will not need to call a plumber again for blocked pipes while we live in this house!!


Pipe repair using relining technology is permenant.