The New Addition to our Purpose Built Relining Fleet

iPatch was born into our proud family last year and we have watched him flourish into a very hard working and capable young relining truck.

He comes equipped with the latest custom relining equipment, from custom made stainless tables to a relining roller system. He has a fridge to keep all his resin cool and he has a high pressure water jet attached to his belly so he can clean out the tree roots infesting Sydneys earthenware pipework.

relining truck

He comes with a trained and experienced team who use him to complete sectional pipe repairs or patches and we hope he will grow further to incorporate larger relines soon once he is fully developed.

At Pipe Relining Solutions we are constantly looking for better, faster, less invasive and more eco friendly ways of doing things, and we hope that iPatch will continue to grow and help us do that into the future.