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How It Works

How does trenchless pipe relining work?

The traditional way to fix drains is to dig them up and replace the damaged sections. But now there’s a quicker, less disruptive option: Trenchless pipe relining. Here’s how it works:

Assess the damage

First we put a CCTV camera down the drain to assess the damage and see if it’s suitable for relining. You can actually see the condition of your drain before any work is done.

Prepare a Quote

If relining is required, we provide a written quote to repair the damaged pipes.

Clear the drain

Once we get your go ahead, the drain is cleaned using a high pressure water jet, ready for relining.

Reline the pipe using trenchless technology

Next, a seamless, flexible textile liner is cut to length and soaked in environmentally safe resin. It’s then inserted into the drain using compressed air. The inside of the pipe is completely lined.

Cure the resin

To help the resin cure more quickly, we pump hot water through the liner. Most jobs can be completed in less than one day.

You receive video footage of the pipe before and after pipe relining.

The result is a completely new pipe inside the old one. This ‘pipe within a pipe’ is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC pipe, and has an increased flow rate compared to most existing pipes.

Relined pipes have a life expectancy of 50 years and our installation work is fully guaranteed.

Facts you should know about trenchless pipe relining:

  • Our state of the art pipe relining can handle multiple bends of up to 90° and two changes in pipe diameter without a problem.
  • We offer pipe patching for smaller leaks or cracks in pipes that don’t need complete relining.
  • We can repair cracked junctions using the Brawoliner satellite repair system.
  • You get more effective protection from root penetration with trenchless pipe relining than newly installed pipes.
  • We use the Brawoliner trenchless pipe relining system which is the best performer in strict quality control tests in Australia, Germany and the UK.

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