The Best Solutions for Pipe Repair in Killarney Heights

The frustration of a clogged drain and the cost of having a plumber constantly clean your pipes can leave you out of pocket and out of patience. Persistent leaks are responsible for property damage while blocked drains create unpleasant smells and overflows. If you are tired of dealing with ongoing plumbing issues, it is time to call Pipe Relining Solutions. We are your specialised Killarney Heights pipe relining and pipe repair experts.

Safe, maintenance free and long-lasting pipe repairs are delivered with the sophistication of an impressive pipe relining system.

When You Need Pipe Relining in Killarney Heights

Pipe reline services are made faster and more effective with a trenchless approach. Our specialised services focus on permanent pipe and drain repair using a German system, Brawoliner. Brawoliner is a system that is designed to repair pipes and drains through the process of trenchless relining. The system will use air pressure, Brawoliner and epoxy resin to produce a new pipe within the original or damaged pipe. There is no major excavation, no time wastage, making it a cost-effective alternative to digging.  Brawoliner has transformed the way we can repair pipes because we help you save. From the protection of the surrounding landscapes to floors, walls, driveways, and paths, it prevents the upheaval of property and its costs in restoration.

As Brawoliner is a specialised system. It requires an expert team to operate and deliver effective results. Pipe Relining Solutions has a qualified team of German trained technicians who deliver on our lasting trenchless pipe relining promise. We are knowledgeable and experienced having performed pipe relining day in day out for the past 10 years.

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As trenchless pipe repair professionals we ensure that all pipes are properly repaired and maintained in Killarney Heights. Our certified plumbers can provide an accurate quotation based on a professional inspection. If you wish to get an estimate for pipe reline services, our easy-to-use calculator can help you.

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Our Quality Guarantee

We are so confident in the effectiveness of Brawoliner pipe relining that we offer a 35 year guarantee on all relined pipes. Brawoliner pipe repair is so strong and effective, your new pipe has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

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Give us a call or complete our online enquiry form to schedule your next trenchless pipe relining service. Whether you need a pipe with 90 degree angles repaired or a foul smelling blocked drain relieved, Pipe Relining Solutions is the reliable service you need today.

We promise that our trenchless pipe relining will not let you down.

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