The Benefits of Pipe Relining in Paddington

Brought together by more than three decades of industry experience, Pipe Relining Paddington specialises in repairing blocked, cracked, leaking or root-infested pipes and drains. Our team of experts leverage world-class technology to deliver pipe rehabilitation with minimal disruption at an affordable price.

Pipe Relining Solutions proudly offers Brawoliner as a way to permanently fix your plumbing pipes affordably, quickly and without the headache of excavation. Brawoliner is state-of-the-art technology designed to provide trenchless pipe repair when drains become blocked, damaged, or tree roots penetrate the pipe system. Discover the benefits of Brawoliner and the reasons it remains a dependable pipe relining service in Paddington.

What is the Brawoliner Trenchless Pipe Lining?

There are many relining solutions available in Australia, but none quite compare to the German engineered Brawoliner – the best performer in quality control tests in Australia, Germany and the UK. Brawoliner is the perfect solution for defective pipes and drains in both residential homes and on commercial properties.

This trenchless, relining solution provides fast, affordable and durable rehabilitation for even the most complicated drainage systems. Regardless of how many bends and dimensional changes are within the system, using Brawoliner, there is very rarely a need to excavate at all.

Traditionally, pipe maintenance and rehabilitation is complicated by the difficult task of accessing pipe systems. For this reason, blocked, damaged and defective pipes have often been replaced entirely which is expensive, disruptive and timely.

Brawoliner pipe relining can repair broken or damaged sewer and stormwater lines, junctions and boundary traps. Even pipes that are severely damaged can be relined with Brawoliner as long as there is some pipe structure to contain the reline.

At Sydney Pipe Relining, our team has been certified to install Brawoliner during training in Germany in 2009. Whilst there, we experienced the extent of Brawoliner’s dedicated research and development first hand. Since then, our team has confidently installed Brawoliner everyday.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

Brawoliner is used in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing pipe repair. For properties affected by recurring clogged drains and related issues, Brawoliner will improve the drainage system as it facilitates improved water flow. It creates an efficient water cycle and facilitates waste removal.

  • The system creates a seamless ‘pipe within a pipe’ improving the flow of waste
  • The entire process of pipe repair is faster and quieter as Brawoliner operation eliminates mess and excessive noise
  • Pipes relined with Brawoliner can last up to 50 years compared to using materials such as PVC

What is the Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair in Paddington?

A trained, certified plumber will visit your property and issue a quotation after a thorough inspection of the affected system.

To get an estimate you can check out our online calculator right here!

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A world-class relining product coupled with our expert installation process gives us the confidence that your relining work will be as robust as it is today in 35 years. That’s why we offer a 35 year installation guarantee and a life expectancy of up to 50 years on our relining work.

If you are struggling with clogged drains or a broken pipe, contact our team at Pipe Relining Solutions.

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