The Advantages of Pipe Relining in Pymble

Due to the tree density in Pymble, tree roots are particularly aggressive causing broken drains and blocked pipes in residential properties throughout the area. Pipe relining has become the solution Sydney dwellers trust to fix such plumbing problems and improve the integrity of older pipes. Pipe Relining Solutions is Sydney’s leader in trenchless repair, restoring numerous plumbing systems in Pymble using pipe relining technology. Understanding the advantages of a pipe reline service can help you make an informed decision.

The Definition of Pipe Relining Services

Pipe relining is a method of rehabilitating pipe work by reinforcing the original host pipe. Pipe Relining Solutions uses the Brawoliner inversion method. This works by applying epoxy resin to a liner (Brawoliner) cut to the length of the problem area. This liner is then inverted (turned inside out) using a Brawoliner drum through the affected pipe work with the application of compressed air. The resin is then cured to form an internal, structure within the original pipe. Due to the seamless nature of the internal structure, it is impervious to tree roots.

No Excavation to Repair Damaged Pipes

Because we don’t have to dig up the pipe work and replace it to repair it, we minimise the mess, disruption and inconvenience that you need to endure. ‘No dig’ means no restoration costs. You don’t have to organise re-paving, re-tiling, or having your garden re-instated. Think about the time savings too!

Pipe relining is effective because it works. It helps homeowners and businesses save on the time and the cost to have pipes repaired.

Choosing Brawoliner for Pipe Repair

Brawoliner is the number one choice for pipe relining in Sydney. Due to the inversion nature of its application, all of the gaps and cracks in the pipe work are filled with resin, whilst bonding the liner to the host pipe. This means that the relined section won’t shrink (this can be the case with some ‘drag in’ methods of pipe relining).  Brawoliner is also considered environmentally safe because it does not require the removal of landscape or natural vegetation to complete pipe repair. The liner is so flexible, we are able to reline pipe work with multiple 90 degree bends as well as changes in diameter.

Durable and Lasting Technology

Brawoliner is designed to last for up to 50 years. We are so confident in the repairs we provide using Brawoliner technology that we provide a 35 year guarantee. We also undertake a free annual inspection so you can continue to feel confident in your investment.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Trenchless Pipe Repair?

If you are interested in Brawoliner pipe relining, simply give us a call so we can schedule a time for one of our certified technicians to inspect your property. Our qualified plumber will inspect your sewer or stormwater line using a CCTV camera, to assess the damage and provide you with a detailed quote.

If you’re just after a quick estimate to get an idea of pricing, enter some information into our our online calculator.

Pipe Relining Solutions Provides Guaranteed Repairs

At Pipe Relining Solutions, we guarantee the repair of plumbing pipes using Brawoliner with a 35 year warranty. We only use Brawoliner to deliver the cost effective, fast, and durable solutions the technology is known for.

When you need pipes fixed or drains cleared in Pymble, pipe relining with our professional team will help you with services you can trust. Call us or send us a message using our contact form so we can get your pipes fixed for good.

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