Why Choose Pipe Relining in Pyrmont

At Pipe Relining Solutions, we incorporate pipe relining technology to resolve persistently clogged drains, pipe damage and major underground plumbing leaks. We incorporate Brawoliner for trenchless pipe relining because it delivers lasting results and is a ‘no dig’ approach to resolving plumbing system issues.

What is Trenchless Pipe Relining?

Trenchless pipe relining is a method of repairing broken, leaking drains without excavating the property. Pipe Relining Solutions uses a German engineered system called Brawoliner, considered to be the best product globally due to its performance under strict quality control tests performed in Europe and Australia.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining in Pyrmont

Cost Effective and Efficient Service

Pipe relining is cost effective and a faster way to repair pipes because it eliminates excavation. Because our team does not have to dig up existing pipes to reach damage or replace the structure, it preserves landscapes, protects pathways and driveways and prevents the removal of groundworks to reach underground pipes.

It Delivers Lasting Repairs

Pipes relined with Brawoliner can last up to 50 years. This impressive technology is so durable, it protects pipes against the penetration of tree roots.

The Pipe Reline is Versatile

Relined pipes facilitate the flow of waste and water more effectively than older pipes. The smooth and reinforced interior creates a smoother flow, minimising the possibility of drainage problems and clogs. The flexible solution can cover considerable lengths of pipe and multiple bends of up to 90 degrees as well as changes in diameter. Using Brawoliner, we are able to rehabilitate or repair sewer, storm water, earthenware, copper, asbestos, PVC and cast iron pipes. We can also reline concealed pipes and junctions, boundary traps or cast iron stacks. For smaller leaks or cracks in pipes that don’t need complete relining, we offer pipe patching solutions.

It Protects the Environment

Areas where indigenous plants and trees are grown are protected against excavation and the removal of natural fauna. Brawoliner seals the pipe work so that effluent will no longer leak into surrounding sub-soil.

It is Safe

Only our trained technicians undertake the relining. This ensures the technology is correctly applied and the impacted pipes are repaired within the scheduled timeframe.

What is the Cost for Drain Relining in Pyrmont?

When you book in a free quote with Pipe Relining Sydney, we send one of our pipe relining specialists to your property to investigate the problem. Using a camera, we assess the damage and confirm if the drains or pipes are suitable for relining. Our team will show you the footage so that you can see the condition of your drain before any work is done.

If you require pipe relining, we provide a detailed, written quote for your approval.  If you are interested in a pipe reline service, use our online calculator for an idea of the costs involved.

Speak to Pipe Relining Solutions for Brawoliner Repairs

Pipe Relining Solutions has been performing pipe relining repairs since 2010. We are so confident in our solution that we provide our customers with a 35 year guarantee on relined pipe work.

As specialists in ‘no dig’ pipe repairs, you can give us a call or you can contact us using our online submission form for more information. We will have our technician come out for an inspection and a competitive quotation.

Why have the mess, noise and disruption of excavation when you can repair your pipes cleanly, efficiently and effectively using pipe relining.

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