The Best Pipe Relining Services in Randwick

Pipe leaks and clogged drains cause frustration and ongoing repair costs. Pipe Relining Solutions has the permanent solution to address underground pipe leaks and blocked drains – pipe relining. Not only is this solution permanent, homes and businesses can also save on the costs of restoration because the pipes don’t have to be excavated and replaced to achieve long lasting results.

Pipe Relining Solutions uses Brawoliner Systems

Brawoliner repairs affected pipes from the inside out. A liner that is inserted into the pipe is impregnated with a resin that is cured in place. This ‘pipe within a pipe’ prevents the occurrence of leaks, damage, and the possibility of tree root penetration. The system is available for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing pipe repairs.

The Right Time to Apply Pipe Relining

Blocked toilets or sinks that are slow to drain are the most common symptom of a problem with your pipe work. When this happens contact us so we can thoroughly investigate your pipe work using a CCTV camera. It’s important not to wait too long. If the pipe collapses, you won’t be able to reline and your only option will be to dig and replace.

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair in Randwick

Brawoliner provides solutions to repair piping that is damaged, old or leaking. It can easily repair pipes with bends up to 90 degrees and changes of diameters, boundary traps and stacks. The versatile application encourages the permanent repair of pipes while improving the integrity and protection of older pipes and drains.

It is Durable

It provides the highest levels of resistance against minor damage, chemical exposure and the penetration of tree roots. Brawoliner is long lasting designed to withstand daily wear and tear with a lifespan of up to 50 years. It is strong and will certainly not disappoint when you need free flowing drainage and protected pipes.

It Supports No-Dig Pipe Repair

As the pipe is reinforced from within, there is no need to perform excavation of the affected pipe itself.


It generally takes less than one day to rehabilitate your pipe work thereby minimising disruption and inconvenience.

Environmentally Friendly

Trenchless pipe relining is environmentally friendly because it prevents the removal of tress, shrubs, and indigenous vegetation where pipes are located.

The Cost of Brawoliner Pipe Relining in Randwick

Brawoliner costs are determined by a professional plumbing technician who will perform a detailed inspection of pipe and drain systems. This includes CCTV technology to advise on the suitability of pipe relining.

To get an idea of the rates for pipe relining, use the online calculator right here!

Call on The Professionals for Pipe Repair Services

Pipe Relining Solutions has been relining pipes in Randwick for over 10 years. With the combination of a high quality product and expert installation we have restored the integrity of thousands of home and business plumbing systems.

Our highly trained technicians adhere to the strictest pipe relining standards. We offer a 35 year guarantee on our workmanship so you have the peace of mind your plumbing will work the way it should.

If you are interested in Brawoliner solutions, speak to Pipe Relining Solutions for a comprehensive quotation today.

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