Get Your Pipes Relined in Seaforth

Have you struggled with blocked drains, pipe leaks and stormwater overflows? Are you fed up with calling a plumber to clear blocked drains? If so, you need pipe relining technology. At Pipe Relining Solutions, we specialise in trenchless pipe relining. Our goal is to bring a modern approach to fixing pipes and drains once and for all. While traditional pipe repair required excavation, our technicians are trained in no-dig remediation. Discover how we can provide permanent repairs with pipe relining in Seaforth.

Who is Pipe Relining Solutions?

At Pipe Relining Solutions we specialise in the repair of drains and pipes with trenchless pipe repair. Our services are guaranteed by an expert team of experienced technicians. To ensure we deliver on our promises of quality pipe and drain repair, we incorporate Brawoliner, the best pipe relining system in Australia.

Why is Brawoliner the best relining system in Australia?

Brawoliner is a trenchless pipe relining system that is used to fix problem pipes in Sydney and the surrounds. The system is operated by Pipe Relining Solutions’ certified technicians who undergo 12 months of training before being able to run a pipe relining job autonomously. We are proud to deliver the highest standard of pipe relining to our customers in Seaforth.

  • Brawoliner is highly flexible and therefore ideal for Australian pipe work containing multiple 90° bends and changes in diameter
  • The installed product is thin but robust – it minimally impacts the internal diameter of the host pipe
  • The smooth finished product improves the flow of waste
  • The inversion process by which Brawoliner is applied to pipe work ensures that cracks and joints are filled with resin
  • Pipes repaired using Brawoliner have a life expectancy of 50 years
  • As no joins are involved in pipe relining, it produces a sturdier structure which prevents tree roots from penetrating the pipe, minimizing the need for future repair.

How Does Brawoliner Work?

Brawoliner installation is achieved through the process of inversion. A liner is cut to length, impregnated and pushed inside-out (inverted) through the host pipe with the application of compressed air. This ‘inversion’ means that the resin is applied between the liner and the host pipe, filling in the cracks and dislodgements and bonding to the host pipe. The resin is then cured using hot and cold water. After the curing process it is ready to use. The newly repaired pipe is stronger than PVC.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining Solutions

  • Our technicians are highly trained – for at least 12 months to ensure you get the best job possible
  • Accurate quotes so you don’t have to worry about invoice variations or bill shock
  • Operating for more than 10 years – relining every day
  • Vast experience of relining residential, commercial, industrial and council assets
  • Pipe Relining Solutions provides a 35 year guarantee on relined pipe work

Take Advantage of Our Competitive Quotes

For a competitive quote please contact us and we will schedule one of our highly trained technicians to attend your property, insert a CCTV camera into the affected pipe work and provide you with a detailed quote to repair your pipes permanently.

If you would just like an estimate, you can enter a few key pieces of information into our online calculator. For a firm quote, we require a site inspection.

We Beat Any Comparable Quotation

If you’ve already received a quote from another plumber or reliner, send it to us. We will do our best to beat it – as long as the scope of works is the same.  Along with our 35 year guarantee, our aim is to deliver unbeatable service you can trust.

Contact our team at Pipe Relining Solutions by calling us or completing our online contact form.

We deliver the best in pipe relining services in Sydney with cost, installation and guarantee you can trust.

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