The Best Pipe Relining Services in St Ives

If you have noticed a saturated lawn, foul odours from the drain or constant stormwater or sewer blockages, it could be a sign of pipe damage. Obstructions, leaks and general deterioration affecting the health of a plumbing pipe are costly, frustrating and very inconvenient. Forget about the hassle, mess and inconvenience of digging up and replacing existing pipes. Pipe Relining Solutions introduces St Ives to Australia’s leading pipe relining system to repair pipes without excavation. Learn how we can help you save time and money when you choose our services.

Why Choose Pipe Relining Solutions?

  • Pipe Relining Solutions has been repairing pipes in St Ives for over a decade using pipe relining methodologies.
  • As we specialise in relining – it’s what we do every day – we can offer our customers the best service and best installation guaranteed for 35 years –  we’re so confident in our training and systems.
  • To provide our customers with the best customer service possible, we train our technicians for at least 12 months before we permit them to run a relining job autonomously.
  • Pipe Relining Solutions has vast experience in residential, commercial, industrial and council asset rehabilitation.
  • We use the German engineered, Australian Watermarked Brawoliner system for the best results.

What is Brawoliner and Pipe Relining?

Brawoliner is a system designed to fix pipes and drains by improving and reinforcing the condition of the existing or damaged pipe without digging. Because there is no digging, it saves the property owner the cost and time of restoring landscaping, paving, tiling, retaining walls etc. As only one access point is required, it is very versatile and can be used to access the most inaccessible pipe systems.

How Does Brawoliner Work?

When we use Brawoliner to restore and reline pipes, we impregnate a liner with epoxy resin. The liner is then inverted through the host pipe to create a durable inner pipe within the existing pipe.  Our highly trained technicians can deliver this system with precision, covering affected joints and cracks and preventing future tree root infiltration. Once the liner is inverted into place, we cure the resin with hot and cold water. The sewer or storm water is ready to use straight away.

What are the Advantages of Using Brawoliner?

The Brawoliner system is comprised of a highly flexible liner. It can fix pipes with major bends but also creates a join-free pipe for a stronger and smoother consistency. This prevents tree roots from getting into the pipe and causing costly obstructions.

What is the Cost for Pipe Relining in St Ives?

Contact us and we will schedule one of our trained technicians to your property. The technician will insert a CCTV camera into the affected pipe work to thoroughly investigate. We will then provide you with a detailed quote to fix your pipe work.

Alternatively, if you would like an idea of the cost, you can get an estimate by entering some information into our online calculator. For a firm price, a site inspection is required.

Speak to Us to Beat Your Next Quote!

If you get another quote from another plumber or pipe relining company, we will do our very best beat it providing the scope is the same. Our purpose is to ensure you always benefit from value-added solutions.

At Pipe Relining Solutions we issue a 35 year guarantee on our relined pipes. We further offer our clients a free annual inspection to ensure your pipes remain in full working order for the duration of the 35 year period.

Speak to Our Pipe and Drain Specialists for Lasting Benefits

When Pipe Relining Solutions relines your pipes using Brawoliner we want you to have peace of mind that you chose the right pipe relining service provider.

Give us a ring or send us a message using our contact form.

We look forward to introducing you to the value and results that Brawoliner at Pipe Relining Solutions can provide.

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