When You Need Pipe Relining in Tamarama

Pipe damage is a common residential problem that should always be professionally handled. Homeowners may think that broken pipes require time consuming, messy and disruptive pipe replacement. The good news is that faulty pipes can be fixed without major excavation and disruption to your home.

Pipe relining is the service you need when damaged pipes cause blocked drains, slow draining sinks or showers. It is faster, and more convenient than previous methods of pipe replacement and is more affordable when the cost of restoring paving, tiling, driveways or landscaping is taken into consideration.

Discover the benefits of pipe relining technology and how it can provide affordable and permanent repair without excavation.

What is Pipe Relining in Tamarama?

Pipe relining is a non-invasive pipe repair procedure. Pipe relining is suitable for pipes that are cracked or have suffered damage owing to obstructions compromising the internal flow of waste. Once the technicians at Pipe Relining Solutions inspect the interior of the pipe they will detect any obstructions, breaks or dislodgements. The pipe will then be cleaned of debris and blockages in preparation for pipe relining. We use the inversion method of pipe relining in which a liner soaked in epoxy resin is inserted into the affected pipe work. The resin is then cured inside the pipe work to form a reinforcing, structural pipe inside the existing pipe.

The process can be performed on pipes of different sizes, changes in diameter and up to angles of 90 degrees. The reline can also be completed on junctions and angles that are cracked, deteriorated and responsible for leaks.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining


Pipe relining is more affordable when restoration costs are taken into account. Without the disruption of digging up pipes, all landscaping, paths, driveways, and more are protected against invasive pipe repairs.

Durability and Longevity

The seamless nature of liner used to reline pipe work ensures that there are no vulnerable joins through which tree roots can penetrate.  The consistency of the epoxy resin and the internal smooth result with equal wall thickness improves the flow of waste through the sewer or stormwater system. Brawoliner is durable and offers a lifespan of up to 50 years.


The time it would take to excavate a pipe and replace it would be days compared to the hours it takes for pipe relining to be completed. Depending on site and weather conditions, your pipes could be repaired without excavation, in less than a day.

Environmentally Conscious

When pipe relining is performed in landscaped areas, it prevents the uprooting of trees, shrubs and natural vegetation. So you don’t have to worry about chopping down your beloved trees.

Why Choose Pipe Relining

Trenchless pipe relining performed by the trained technicians at Pipe Relining Solutions in Sydney, guarantees the repair and the integrity of relined pipes for 35 years.

Pipe Relining Solutions uses Brawoliner to perform pipe repairs. This system is operated by highly trained technicians. Even when the toughest pipe repairs present, you can rely on the quality and the durability of our pipe relining services.

Call Pipe Relining Solutions for Lasting and Affordable Repairs

Avoid the hassle of a constantly blocked sewer drain, a problematic stormwater drain, and pipe leaks. With pipe relining, affected structures are provided guaranteed repairs to stand the test of time.

Competitive Quotes You Can Trust

Along with its longevity, pipe relining procedures are also cost effective. Simply contact the team at Pipe Relining Solutions for a quotation.

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