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Surry Hills

Surry Hills Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining Solutions is Surry Hills’s pipe relining specialist

Historical Snippet

The first land grants in Surry Hills were made in the 1790s. Major Joseph Foveaux received 105 acres. His property was known as Surry Hills Farm, after the Surrey Hills in Surrey, England. (Wikipedia 2019)

Broken pipes? Tree root infested drains?

Forget digging them up and replacing them. Instead reline them using our pipe relining technology. You will save your trees, garden and driveway and never experience blocked drains again.

Surry Hills pipe relining offers the following benefits:

  • Renews pipe work without digging
  • Saves your trees, garden & driveway
  • Eliminates tree root problems for good
  • Tough, durable & watertight
  • Stronger than brand new PVC
  • 35 year guarantee
  • 50 years life expectancy

If you need a pipe relining Surry Hills specialist to provide a quote or more information regarding our pipe relining services, call 1300 DONT DIG or fill out our Pipe Relining Contact Form here.

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