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Put Nearly Two Decades Of Experience To Work For You In The Upper North Shore 

Pipe Relining Solutions has served as the Upper North Shore’s leading expert on pipe relining, blocked drains, and drain inspections for 17 years. Homeowners, businesses, and Council governments have all relied on our expertise. Our customers appreciate our expert pipe and sewer repair and replacement service that requires no digging and no trenches. They agree that we bring effectiveness and efficiency to pipe relining and clearing blocked drains throughout the Upper North Shore.

Our Special “No Dig” Service For Leak Repair, Relining, and Other Pipe Maintenance Beats Traditional Techniques.

We specialise in cleaning, relining, declogging, and repairing underground pipes with a minimum of inconvenience to you because we almost never need to dig. Our professional staff can track down pipe and other leaks, then perform repairs. Pipe Relining Services’ special techniques add years to the life of pipes because we use the top-rated Brawoliner system from Germany. This puts the latest in technology and training in service for you.

No dig sewer and pipe repair service means that your home, business, or government office will experience a minimum of inconvenience. Fewer blocked off areas and fewer unsightly holes and ditches means less disruption for you.

Our Other Expert Services

Pipe Relining Services covers the entire range of pipe rehabilitation and plumbing services throughout the Upper North Shore. Check out our other services, which include:

  • Pipe Patching
  • Fix clogged sinks, and other drains
  • Unblock toilets
  • Junction repairs
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Drain Inspections
  • Emergency plumbing service

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Pipe Relining Services applies 17 years of experience to meeting your pipe repair and other plumbing needs throughout the Upper North Shore.  As a locally based, owner operated company, we realise that you need efficient and convenient service whether you call from a residence, a business, or the government. Contact us today to see how Pipe Relining Services can meet any of your service needs.

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