Winter is coming… so be on the lookout for blocked stormwater drains.

According to statistics, next month will be one of the wettest on average for the year here in Sydney. So you know what that means. Your stormwater drains will get a work out.

If your stormwater drains haven’t had any attention over the summer months you may find that you have leaves, debris, kids toys, building materials and possibly tree roots lurking inside them causing blocked stormwater drains. This will make it very hard for them to do their job by removing excess water from your property.

Water pooling on your driveway or lawn is a sign that you have a problem. Leaving this water to pool further can result in flooding throughout the lower parts of your home causing damage to your flooring and furnishings. Pooling water can also undermine your foundations causing your home to move – something you definitely want to avoid!

So what’s the best course of action to ensure your drains flow freely this winter?

Call Pipe Relining Solutions. We can come out and clean your pipe work using our specialised high-pressure water jet. Our jets are some of the most powerful on the market and shift blockages fast, saving you time and money. We also carry CCTV cameras specifically designed to investigate your pipe work. This means that when we finish jetting we can investigate your pipe work and recommend any required remedial works, giving you peace of mind for the coming winter months.