How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost? Setting Up, Per-Metre Rates, and Pipe Relining Quotes

If you’re wondering, how much does pipe relining cost, there are several factors to consider, and we’re going to talk about them here. The logical way to price trenchless pipe relining is on a per-metre basis. One of the reasons for that is customers prefer per-metre pipe lining costs, but it also makes perfect sense to look at metres before we survey other factors like junctions and diameter.

Wherever possible, that’s how we form the basis for pipe relining cost, but we also have a minimum charge in place. That’s because on smaller pipe reline jobs, setting up our equipment becomes a factor, and it’s why our minimum inversion price applies to pipe repairs in Sydney along shorter sections. It takes our technicians a couple of hours to set up their equipment, no matter how small the pipe lining repair is.

Pipe Reline – Shapes and Sizes, Lengths and Junctions

When you come to Pipe Relining Solutions for a quote, we base our pricing structure on several different aspects that vary from job to job. However, some factors are universal – and they’re usually the ones to do with pipe sizes and diameters, lengths, junctions, and bends. When it comes to pipe relining, Sydney cost estimates get based on other more city-centric factors too, like access and whether we need to excavate any areas.

Pipe Diameter and its Role in Pipe Relining Prices

Unsurprisingly, one of the most significant factors in pricing your pipe reline job is the diameter of any sections that need to be repaired. As you’d expect, the larger the pipe concerned, the more resin, liner, and time we need, and the higher the cost. When the pipe is bigger, everything else gets influenced by that. Materials cost more, cuts take longer, and the equipment we use needs to get bigger too. The average cost to reline sewer pipe increases with the diameter, but that’s certainly not the only factor to consider.

Length of Pipe and Number of Bends Both Affect Costs

If you’re considering how much does pipe relining cost, it also won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the affected length directly translates to how we work out the cost to reline sewer pipe or your other services.

In terms of materials for trenchless pipe relining, both the diameter and length influence cost significantly. However, it’s worth remembering that prices for traditional repair and reinstatement also get higher when bigger pipes need replacing along longer stretches – and can far exceed the cost of no-dig pipe repair techniques. The number of bends within the work area also affect your final cost for pipe relining. That’s because we need more liner and resin to complete the job than if we’re working on a largely straight run.

If you’re concerned about the impact of bends on your pipe relining cost, it’s probably not as bad as you think – and we offer several options to make pipe relining cost effective. You can give us a call, and we’re always happy to talk. There’s never any obligation, and you can also use the online calculator to get a ballpark idea or fill out our handy enquiry form. Reducing pipe relining cost isn’t always possible, but you can be sure that Pipe Relining Solutions will look hard to find ways to accomplish that.

The Cost of Pipe Relining Jobs – Junction Cuts

Pipe relining cost is also influenced by the number of junctions. Once your new pipe lining has been installed, we need to reinstate junctions and inspection points along the route. One of the biggest advantages of trenchless pipe relining is that we can leave your access points and intersections mostly intact. That means we’re reusing large parts of your sewer and drain infrastructure while reducing your costs and disruption to your property and life. To make that happen, we remove sections of the new resin pipe liner within maintenance holes and junctions. While that adds to the overall price of a pipe relining job, it’s hugely more cost-effective than excavating and reinstating your access points from scratch.

In order to determine a cost to reline sewer pipe or other services like your stormwater drains, we assess each junction based on a number of factors. Firstly, using a robotic cutter is specialised work, and only our most experienced technicians are certified to do that – which impacts labour costs on each pipe reline. In addition to that, robotic cutting equipment represents a significant chunk of our expenses. Each time they get used, we have to allow for wear and tear, and the ongoing servicing of these highly-specialised, expensive machines.

No-dig Pipe Relining Costs – Access

Access can be a significant factor in driving your trenchless pipe relining costs upwards. If we need to excavate to gain an access point to the pipe or sewer component in question, it adds to the price. Different environmental features can affect the cost of pipe relining too. That’s generally more the case in cities than rural areas, although not exclusively so. When we’re pricing pipe relining, Sydney and other Australian towns and cities have more scope for access problems. That’s just because there’s more stuff around, buildings are closer together, and services tend to get more densely installed in-ground. That can make pipe relines trickier to complete.

In terms of pipe relining cost, Sydney and other cities usually also have more multi-storey buildings than country areas. That can bring with it access challenges like stairs – meaning we spend more time lugging heavy equipment around before we can set up or finish up your pipe reline job. Clearance above access points is also important because we need a certain amount of room to locate our machines – and we sometimes have to excavate down because of that. Low clearance is far more likely to be an issue where there are more structures and can affect some prices for pipe relining in Sydney.

The other main access point factor when we’re preparing costs to reline sewer pipes and drains is how far they are from the parts of your system that need to be repaired. If your access point is relatively far away from your defective section, that increases your costs. When the access point is reasonably near to the damage, however, your pipe relining costs can be reduced substantially.

Here at Pipe Relining Solutions, we’re always innovating new and better ways to reduce pipe relining cost, Sydney wide. Whenever we can, we work with customers and building or site managers to find cost-effective solutions where access problems exist – and we’ll go out of our way to do that for you. If you’re concerned about access at your home or site, get in touch with our friendly team.

Risk and the Cost of Trenchless Pipe Relining

Every time we give you a quote for a pipe relining job, there are risks involved. More often than not, they extend to the need for excavation, so we have to factor that in because prices for trenchless pipe relining in Sydney tend to be significantly lower than replacing sewer systems the traditional way. Our technicians look to get pipe relines right every time, but the fact remains that pipe relining contractors only get one chance to do that.

Pipe Relining SydneyMost of the cost-saving effects of no-dig pipe relining come about because we don’t need to excavate your garden or driveway, or even nearby roads and public spaces. That’s why Pipe Relining Solutions use the best materials, equipment, and train our technicians to the highest standards possible. We do that so we can keep our success rates up, and that enables us to deliver the lowest possible quotes to you consistently. The higher our rates of success, the lower the risk component of your pipe relining cost – and we figure everybody wins.

When it isn’t possible to use pipe relining, Sydney cost factors for excavation are high, and things can get expensive very quickly. It’s not just the digging up; it’s the reinstatement of your land, your gardens and landscaping, adjacent roads, driveways, and your paving. Then there’s waste disposal, which isn’t cheap in the city:

  • Closing down a road anywhere is expensive. If that situation arises when we repair your sewage pipe in Sydney, applications for council permits cost $1,750, and there’s a charge of almost $2,000 per lane, per day, per block. Pipe replacement takes longer than a pipe reline (which we often complete in a single day, depending on the size and complexity of the repair) so, permits can add up to big money.
  • Establishing a safe work zone requires further permits – we need permission from the council to erect barricades on footpaths, and that’s before we even begin to cost traffic control.
  • The cost to hire two licensed traffic controllers and a ute full of specialist equipment is about $850 per day. If excavation, repair, and reinstatement take three days, essential traffic control is going to run into the thousands too.
  • Add in the cost of labour, materials, and machinery, and things get even more expensive when compared to pipe relining rates in Sydney. It costs around $120+GST per hour to hire a small excavator and driver. If the pipe repair takes a while, it’s not going to be cheap to have that plant on site.

Reinstatement of roads and public pathways also incurs fees. Excavation is a minefield of costs and complications, and it’s one of the many reasons why pipe relining in Australia has gained traction so quickly. In cities like Sydney, prices for no-dig pipe relining are far more favourable than excavation, and it’s easy to see why that is once you begin to appreciate what’s involved with digging up urban areas. That’s the reason Pipe Relining Solutions will do everything it can to get things right for you the first time, and minimise the risk component of your pipe relining cost.

If you’re researching how much does pipe relining cost, this webpage is going to be a useful guide, but it’s not definitive. We always advise customers to give us a call for a chat or use the online enquiry form, so we can schedule a drain investigation appointment with one of our highly trained technicians.

How What’s Getting Relined affects Pipe Relining Costs

When it comes to the price for pipe relining work, a lot of the risk we calculate is relative to depth. Straight mainline drain relining cost is always going to be lower than when we need to reline a floor gully section or repair a boundary trap. That’s because your floor gullies and boundary traps form some of the lowest parts of your sewage and wastewater systems – meaning they’re situated deeper in the ground. So, the potential costs – in terms of both yourself and us – if we need to abort a pipe reline and excavate are higher.

Pipe Relines Minimise Disruption of Your Hard and Soft Landscaping

It doesn’t affect the cost of your quote, but it’s worth mentioning that no-dig pipe relining comes with other benefits too. Drains and wastewater pipes run below your home, and reinstatement costs can escalate rapidly. Exterior sewer pipes and drains are underground, so in the average Sydney garden, they often run below several different hard and soft landscaping features. Digging them up can be massively disruptive – and the costs to reinstate paving, decks, lawns, and trees and plants can be massive too. In any exterior environment, the cost to reline sewer pipe and drains is far cheaper than traditional methods.

In Sydney, landscaping costs vary depending on what you want to achieve. However, even laying a lawn isn’t cheap – although it’s probably the most cost-effective option. A pallet, which holds sixty square metres of turf can cost up to $750, and then there’s ground preparation and labour. Paving costs get even higher, as does decking – which can be more than $220 per metre, and some higher-end landscaping plans can cost up to $1,000 per square metre. The average landscaper in Australia charges between $50 and $100 per hour for their services, so it’s a great idea to opt for trenchless pipe relining instead of excavation whenever you can.

Wherever you live in Sydney, pipe relining below your bathroom is far easier and cheaper than removing and reinstating the fabric of your floor and tiling. The average cost of renovating a bathroom in New South Wales is over $20,000 – but like landscaping, it depends what you need to repair. Tiles cost between $50 and $500 per square metre – depending on what you install. You’ll pay around $45 per metre for surface preparation, and some floors need a lot of levelling work done first.

Pipe Relining Cost - Labour and the Work Schedule

One of the main cost-saving elements of relining pipes comes from reduced labour. It takes fewer highly trained operatives to reline a pipe than it does to excavate an area and replace entire sections of your drains or sewers, manholes, junctions, traps and gullies – then reinstate. That being said, labour is still a component in the way we cost pipe relining jobs. Trenchless pipe relining gets carried out by specialist technicians using sophisticated tools and equipment.

Works Schedule

Work schedules can affect any service provider, and pipe relining technicians are no different. That’s because, in Australia, we have strict laws to protect workers, and at weekends or during unsociable hours, the cost to reline sewer pipe or your drains is higher. When that happens, we need to pay overtime rates, and unfortunately, that gets passed on to our customers.

If your pipe reline needs to take place overnight or after retail hours, that’s also going to impact a commercial pipe relining quote. When our technicians need to work overnight, regulations state they need to take a day off before and after the job too. Pipe Relining Solutions will do everything it can to minimise labour costs on your no-dig pipe repair. It’s well worth giving us a call if you’re concerned about out-of-hours service or you’re looking for commercial pipe relining costs.

Our Sydney Prices for Pipe Relining - Training & Specialised Tasks

At Pipe Relining Solutions, we train our pipe relining technicians to remarkably high standards, so that becomes a factor in the final cost of work we undertake. We believe quality ultimately represents economy for our customers. In fact, over the years, we’ve seen much evidence of that, and it’s become one of our strongest values.

Sure, there are cost-based consequences connected with more training and only using higher-quality materials and equipment. Maintaining policies for deploying only experienced staff to complex pipe relining tasks also costs more. However, those consequences get significantly outweighed by the fact we achieve lower rates of excavation and aborted pipe relining jobs – so risk becomes less of a factor in the way we arrive at pipe relining costs.

When you’re considering how much does pipe relining cost, it’s useful to remember that pipe relining uses newly developed machines, materials, and technology. In Australia, it’s a relatively new field, and we can’t just send our new recruits to TAFE. Operatives need to be trained from scratch. It takes 12-18 months to reach the minimum standard we demand, and before they can work on your pipe relining unsupervised. We invest heavily and continuously in our people, and that’s apparent in the way we work. Unlike with some no-dig pipe relining contractors, Pipe Relining Solutions technicians get trained across a broad range of competences. They can handle any pipe reline task and are proficient with all the tools and equipment required to complete a wide range of functions, including:

  • Boundary trap repairs
  • Multiple bends inversion
  • Vertical shaft to board’s main inversion
  • Vertical shaft inversion
  • Satellite junction repairs
  • Patching bends

Pipe Relining Solutions staff get trained across the board, on each tool necessary to deliver full-spectrum pipe relining services. That’s one of the reasons we don’t outsource any of our labour requirements – everyone gets trained in-house. Coupled with regular training days and complemented by constant R&D in our workshops, we believe ongoing training is one of the main reasons for our continuing success. We encourage career development and maintain a company culture that promotes opportunity and rewards hard work.

Specialised Pipe Relining Costs

Some pipe relining jobs entail specialist training. When we need to work at heights, operatives may need to top up their current licenses and qualifications. Likewise, when working in confined spaces, we have specific responsibilities to staff and our customers – and extra training may affect the cost of a pipe relining job.

The Cost of Pipe Relining – Equipment and Materials

Pipe Relining Solutions refuses to ever compromise on quality, and we believe that’s evident in both our reputation and standard of pipe reline work. Yet, it’s what goes on behind the scenes that customers often don’t see. We can strive to produce great results for you time after time, and invest heavily in people and training, but any pipe relining contractor is only as good as their tools – and that’s why we choose to use the best available. Our trucks have to be custom-made for pipe relining. It can take six months to construct one vehicle, and the cost runs into six figures – but we believe there are no shortcuts to achieving durable and reliable trenchless pipe repairs.

Trenchless pipe relining achieves some incredible cost savings. It avoids much disruption and destruction, but success rates and pipe relining costs are relative to the quality of the materials and machinery used. Trucks aside, whenever we send a crew to carry out pipe relining in Sydney, they’re travelling with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Robotic cutters alone cost over $100,000 and they need to be kept immaculately maintained. Each tool only works for specific pipe diameter, and when one breaks, it gets sent to Germany to be repaired by specialists, so we need to run and maintain a couple of versions for each pipe size.

How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost? Materials Matter

We only use Brawoliner® pipe reline products because they’re the best available – and the Australian Building Codes Board has Watermarked them. The Watermark Scheme was implemented in 2016 and is mandatory in Australia for plumbing and drainage products. Products get rigorously tested to ensure they comply with Australian standards.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pipe Relining Solutions maintains pipe reline standards through constant research and the use of high-quality materials and practices, please give us a call or fill out the online enquiry form. It’s why we offer a 35-year guarantee for all pipe reline work we carry out. We love talking to customers, we’re incredibly proud of our staff and training policies, and we’re always happy to discuss products, materials, and find ways to get you a lower pipe relining cost.

Pipe Relining in NSW and Home Builders Insurance

When you’re thinking about how much does pipe relining cost, it’s worth remembering the insurance factor. Home Builders Compensation insurance (formerly known as Home Warranty Insurance) kicks in for any job over $20,000 – and will influence the amount of your pipe relining quote in many cases. Costs for Home Warranty Insurance are based on building structure factors and value so we don’t know exactly how much it will be until we assess the pipe reline works required – but it’s typically several hundred dollars. When you’re looking to understand pipe relining costs, it’s also helpful to consider we have additional insurance obligations such as public liability, workers compensation, and several others.

At Pipe Relining Solutions, we aim to be as transparent about quotes as possible, and we’re always willing to discuss any aspect of your pipe relining cost. We encourage you to get in touch if you’re worried about any part of the pipe reline process. We’re always happy to talk, and you can also fill out our online form to learn more – with zero obligations.

Is pipe relining worth the price?

Saving Time, Saving Money – how pipe relining is revolutionising sewer and drain repair

Pipe relines are now increasingly used in Australia and elsewhere to save time and money when repairing sewer and drain system components. Many water authorities are waking up to the benefits of pipe relining techniques, but it’s not just commercial customers and municipal bodies that are gaining huge savings.

Pipe relining cost is far cheaper and quicker than traditional excavation and reinstatement. That’s especially true when established domestic properties feature mature landscaping or heritage buildings and trees. Inside homes, drains often run below tiled and wooden kitchen and bathroom floors, the costs to repair such areas can be high, but no-dig pipe repair removes the need for damage and reinstatement.

Where pipes run below public footpaths and highways, the cost savings of a pipe reline can run into tens of thousands of dollars. With pipe relining, minimal excavation and reinstatement are required, saving homeowners money and reducing completion times in many cases to just one day. System downtime gets decreased further by pipe lining repair, as resin can be hardened rapidly.

Long Term Investment – pipe reline warranties and materials

Pipe Relining Solutions customers receive a 35-year warranty on all pipe relines in Sydney. To put that into perspective, we can do that because of the longevity and toughness built into Brawoliner products – and we can only offer a 1-year guarantee on newly installed PVC sewer or drain pipe.

The life expectancy of our pipe reline materials exceeds that guarantee by fifteen years too, with a conservative estimate of fifty years service. In addition to the quality of our installs, you get excellent value for money where ongoing service is concerned too – we revisit each and every job we complete on an annual basis to inspect its operation and check for problems.

How do I know I’m getting a fair price for pipe relining?

Comparing Pipe Reline Quotes – ‘Apples with Apples’

Pipe Relining Cost Apples 2At Pipe Relining Solutions, every time we price pipe relining jobs, we look to be as competitive as possible and provide as much value as we can.  If you’ve received a comparable quote for pipe reining in Sydney, we’ll look to beat that – but, remember that not all pipe reline contractors were created equal, and ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the other company fixing the same pipe reline problem, and are they doing that to the same extent?

Repairing shorter sections of pipe or patching holes won’t last nearly as long as a proper pipe reline job.

2. What pipe reline technology and materials are they using, and are they well-trained?

There are many different pipe reline products on the market – some don’t come German-engineered or Watermarked for Australian standards and conditions.

3. What system of relining are they using: inversion pipe relining or just a ‘drag-in’ method?

How pipe reline materials get installed is just as important as the quality. Inversion method achieves a far superior adhesion to pipe walls, keeping pipes working more efficiently and for more extended periods than dragged-in liners

4. What guarantee are they providing? Is there a 35-year Warranty?

Always check the length of the warranty before you commit to any pipe relining quote.

How do I know what I’m getting for my money?

Short-term Repair versus Long-term Sewer & Storm Water Pipe Reline Savings

Unfortunately, not all pipe reline companies in Sydney operate to the same high standards as Pipe Relining Solutions, and many of our customers receive quotes for unsuitable, partial fixes as a result. Those quotes are invariably less expensive, but it’s a great idea to give us a call when that happens because it can save you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

Our approach is to investigate your problem thoroughly and then provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and informative pipe reline quote (that will often be more expensive than that for an inferior repair). Not only are our quotes free of charge (if you fall within our service area) and obligation, but we’ll then be happy to advise on any aspects of other estimates that we know are going to cause you issues in the future too.

Taking the ‘best pipe reline price’ isn’t always everything that it seems. The fact is that opting for that partial fix because the quote is cheaper absolutely will come back to haunt you – and that often doesn’t take too long to happen. Here in Sydney, pipe relining needs to get carried out to a high standard because we’re blessed with a climate that gives us many beautiful species of trees and plants – but they can cause issues for drains and sewer pipes.

We sometimes see customers choose a partial fix, and a couple of years later roots start to invade the pipework around it – and things deteriorate rapidly from there. Tree and plant roots can be highly invasive and surprisingly destructive – they’re also very adept at finding and infiltrating water sources – including sewers and drains. That just spells more problems, and in many cases, the cost of a proper pipe reline fix will have risen, because there’s more damage. It’s far better to invest in longevity from the get-go, and if the cost is an issue, remember, Pipe Reining Solutions offers Interest-Free Finance too.

For the best pipe relining cost Sydney wide, and the highest standards of service – choose Pipe Reining Solutions and save!

At Pipe Relining Solutions, we stand by our thorough approach to pipe reline work. Sydney’s sewers and drains take a lot of stick; it’s a harsh environment for pipes. We know our products are durable and reliable enough to handle that, and it’s why we don’t just talk – we offer a 35-year guarantee. Pipe Relining Solutions aims to provide the best job for the lowest price every time we assess your pipe relining cost, and we’re always transparent.

We hope this page has answered some of your questions about the cost to reline sewer pipe, drain repair costs, and how we arrive at prices for pipe relining in Sydney – but, if you’d like to learn more, either fill out the online enquiry form or if you’d rather speak on the phone, give us a call!

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