How Much Does Pipe Relining Cost?

Pipe relining cost per metre can be anywhere from $300 to $1000. The price of the job will depend on factors such as accessibility, risk, the size of the pipe work, the length of the problem area and number of junctions. To provide an accurate quote, a site inspection is required. Try out our calculator to estimate the cost of your job here.

Comparable Quotes: Comparing 'apples with apples'

We will beat any comparable quote. To understand whether the quotes you have received are comparable try to answer the following questions:Pipe Relining Cost Apples 2

    1. Is the other company fixing the same problem, to the same extent?
    2. What technology are they using? There are many different relining products on the market. Not all of them are German engineered and Watermarked (thereby adhering to Australian, strict quality guidelines).
    3. What system of relining are they using: inversion relining or a ‘drag-in’ method?
    4. What guarantee are they providing? Are they providing a 35 year guarantee?

Short Term Versus Long Term Fixes

You may receive a quote from another relining company for a partial fix that is less expensive. We then investigate the problem and provide you a comprehensive quote (that will be more expensive). You take the partial fix because it’s cheaper. A couple of years later roots start to invade the pipe work around the partial fix. You then realise that you needed to take the quote for the larger scope of work as you now have to revisit the problem and it would have been more cost effective to take the longer term approach in the first place.

Factors that Influence Pipe Relining Cost

Here are some of the main factors that impact pipe relining cost:

  • Length of damaged pipe work
  • Diameter of damaged pipe work
  • Whether junctions need to be reinstated after relining
  • Location of the damage in the pipe work will dictate the level of difficulty of the technique required to fix the problem e.g. boundary trap shaft, satellite junction repair
  • Ease of access
  • Location of the damage relative to access
  • Risk of the job: With relining you get one chance to get it right.

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