How much does pipe relining cost?

It is  difficult to give a precise answer to this question as the price of your job will depend on many factors such as accessibility, risk, the size of the pipe work,the length of the problem area and number of junctions. We never give pricing over the phone as we want to give you the most precise quote possible. This is only possible once we have inspected your pipe work thoroughly.

Why choose Brawoliner® over other relining systems?

Relining systems are not born equal. After a year of research we chose the Brawoliner® system from Germany because we wanted to offer our clients the best product that is designed to last: Brawoliner® has a life expectancy of 50 years. Brawoliner® has been the number one performer in strict quality control tests in Germany, Europe and the UK. Their patented liner is the most flexible in the world. This makes it the perfect product for Australia’s plumbing systems containing multiple bends and changes in diameter.

What is ‘inversion’?

Inversion occurs when the liner is turned inside out as the liner progresses through the host pipe due to the application of compressed air. This ensures that the epoxy soaked side of the liner makes contact with and adheres to the host pipe. Find out more about how pipe relining works.

Why is inversion better than other methods of relining?

The inversion process ensures that any gaps or cracks in the host pipe are filled with resin. Preventing the entry of roots and liner shrinkage. The inversion process produces an equal wall thickness of the complete length and radius to produce a high quality final product. The smooth inner surface of the reline facilitates the flow of effluent/sewerage virtually eliminating the likelihood of blockages. The inversion method is versatile; it only requires one access point. The alternative method is ‘drag-in’ where the liner is pulled into place. The omission of compressed air used in this method cannot guarantee an end product of equal wall thickness throughout the length and radius of the relined pipe work. As the resin is applied on the inside of the liner it does not have contact with the host pipe. The lack of adherence to the host pipe can result in shrinkage. Drag-in methods also require 2 access points to position the liner into place.

Why is Brawo® resin better than other resins?

Brawo® resin is epoxy resin that has been optimized for use with Brawoliner®. It has high abrasion and chemical resistance and is free of solvents. It has 50-year durability and is environmentally friendly when hardened. Its excellent mechanical properties ensure that it doesn’t shrink in the host pipe like some other resins such as polyester (shrinkage can allow roots to grow back between the liner and the host pipe).

How well do we understand the product?

Pipe Relining Solutions has trained at the Brawoliner® factory in Germany where the quality of the Brawoliner® product and the extent of their research and development was experienced first hand. Find out more about Pipe Relining Solutions.

Can pipe relining fix pool pipes

We get this question a lot. We would love to say yes! but unfortunately, due to the small diameter (usually 40mm) and number of bends, we cannot reline pool pipes.