You may have been to the Doctor this winter for a cold or flu, but when was the last time your home had a check up?

It’s something we all take for granted until the inevitable happens: there’s a pipe blockage, leak, a burst pipe or a funny smell. Even worse you have an overflow of waste coming back up your pipes and seeping into your beautiful carpet or your expensive hardwood floor. And it’s this waste that could actually pose a threat to your property, as well as to the local environment without your knowledge.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your sewer system is fully functional, all year round.

Failure to do so can have a variety of consequences; from the acidic properties within the waste eating through the pipework resulting in leaks, all the way to bacterial build ups and the potential for viruses to spread.

How Could This Affect Your Environment?

Soil is the organic component that can suffer the most severe of consequences if it’s able to come into contact with human waste. Over time, a leak could result in soil absorbing the toxic chemicals and compounds within our wastage. If fruit trees and plants are present, then any fruit that they grow will then possess contaminants. Anyone that comes into contact with the soil can be at risk, as will any animals and organisms in general.

There are a few things to look for that might indicate that your system isn’t so healthy.

  • Pipes that make a gurgling sound when you turn the shower or tap off.
  • When flushing your toilet you notice the water rise very high and then plunge back down again when there is little waste flushed.
  • Green patches on your lawn where the grass is growing particularly well for no reason.
  • A smell coming from your waste in your sink.But the best way to find out if your system is healthy is to have an annual check up through your drainage expert, they can put a CCTV camera down your line and show you on their monitor the state of your drainage system and determine if you have a pipe blockage.

Let’s stop illnesses, the spread of bacteria and nasty messes before they happen.