The recent rainfall hitting Sydney has been a mixed blessing: The storm was able to put out two large bushfires, but as a result, widespread flooding occurred and many homes were affected by the stormwater.

Sydney alone experienced 391.6mm of rainfall in just four days, which is three times the average rainfall for February. After experiencing such weather, it is essential you check your property for damage and take precautionary measures to ensure your home is not affected by future, extreme rain fall events.

With an ineffective or broken storm water system, you may experience significant structural damage to your property, such as sunken foundations.

Below we have created a guide to ensure your property is safe and protected.

4 Tips To Ensure Your Stormwater System Works Optimally

Tip 1: Clean Your Gutters

If leaves and other debris are blocking your gutters and pipes, they are unable to perform efficiently and stormwater will cause your gutters to overflow. This can cause serious damage to your roof and your building’s structure so it is essential to ensure your gutters are clear. It is also important to check if your channel grates are clear from leaves and debris.

Tip 2: Pit Maintenance

If your property has one or multiple pits it is essential they are cleaned and maintained after a storm. Pits can catch sediment and debris easily so they must be cleaned both before and after a storm.

Tip 3: Monitor Your Water Flow

During a storm, check to see the direction the stormwater is flowing. Stormwater should flow to the kerb and not flow towards your property at any time. If you understand the usual flow of storm water around your property you will be able to identify when its course has been altered, perhaps by tree roots, and be able to locate what is causing the stormwater to change its route. A CCTV camera inspection will help to identify the nature and location of any obstructions in your pipe work.

Tip 4: Add A Pit And Pump

If the subsoil of your property has been affected by recent flooding, you may have experienced (or just missed) your basement or lower floors flooding. To prevent this from happening again, install a pit and pump in your property to create a lower level for water to flow. A camera inspection may also be needed before installing a pit and pump to analyse the area surrounding your building.

Call Sydney’s Storm Water Experts

If you notice something different about your stormwater system, suspect that your stormwater line is damaged or you are experiencing blocked drains, contact a drainage expert like Pipe Relining Solutions. We can investigate your sewer or stormwater lines and provide you with a free quote to fix any problematic lines and ensure any pipes you have in your property can withstand any future unexpected weather events. Let’s face it, we need to be prepared.