Can you afford to put your business on hold while you replace blocked, cracked or leaking pipes?

The traditional ‘dig and replace’ method of repairing damaged pipes could cost you thousands of dollars in lost business. 

That’s because it’s hard to carry on your business when your shop, factory, restaurant or work space has been cordoned off, dug up and covered in dirt and mud. Your business could be out of action for days while the drains or sewers are being replaced. Thankfully Pipe Relining Solutions now offers a simple, quick and reliable alternative. Trenchless pipe relining can replace pipe work without the need for disruptive excavations.

Pipe relining creates a completely new pipe inside the old one. This ‘pipe within a pipe’ is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC pipe, and has a life expectancy of 50 years. Read more about pipe relining.

Compared to the traditional dig and replace method of repairing damaged sewer and broken pipes, our trenchless pipe relining solution offers many benefits.

The Top 5 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Relining:

  • Minimal Disruption
    Because it’s ‘no dig’ there’s minimal disruption to your business.
  • Quick Installation
    Most jobs can be completed in one day – without the mess and noise of excavation.
  • Save Costs
    You can save on the cost, time and hassle of restoring your business premises and landscaping.
  • Versatile Application
    Suitable for commercial and light industrial pipes and drains. We only require one access point unlike some other methods of relining such as ‘drag-in’.
  • Long-life Product
    Pipes repaired using relining are stronger than PVC pipes, have more effective protection from root penetration than newly installed pipes and a life expectancy of 50 years. We also offer a 35 Year installation guarantee.

We use the state of the art Brawoliner® system that is the best performer in strict quality control tests in Germany, UK and Australia. It’s been used to repair hundreds of kilometres of pipes across Europe. Find out how it works.

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Pipe Relining Solutions are Sydney’s leading experts in trenchless pipe relining and drain repair. Our experienced plumbers are fully trained, our equipment is state of the art, and we fully guarantee our work.

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