Find the Best Pipe Repairs in Kensington

Pipe relining is the new way to fix pipes and repair clogged drains. It is fast and permanent, which means valuable repairs you never have to worry about again. When you call Pipe Relining Solutions, we provide competitive quotations and repairs that are unmatched in quality and value. Owing to our unique pipe relining system, we can help your Kensington home or business get its drainage system back up and running in no time.

Why Do I Need Pipe Relining in Kensington?

Is your drain constantly blocked? Have you noticed foul odours or saturated ground around the drain or pipe connections? If you have experienced such persistent problems, it is time to call Pipe Relining Solutions.

From odours and leaks to blockages, you are dealing with a pipe issue. When we dispatch a qualified plumber, CCTV cameras are used to inspect the pipe interior for visible signs of cracks and damage. When pipe repair is needed, we use Brawoliner, a trenchless pipe relining system to conceal the cracks and damage. Any obstructions are removed, and a new pipe is created inside the original pipe. This creates an impervious pipe in which waste flows faster and easier than other types of pipe technologies.

What makes our pipe reline service so attractive is that it doesn’t require excavation. With Brawoliner, we help you save your landscaping, driveways, concrete paths and more. Brawoliner is the secret to ‘no dig’ pipe repairs, which means cost and time saving. The system is also clean and quiet in operation making it a more convenient choice for homes and businesses.

What is the Cost of Pipe Relining?

The cost for trenchless pipe relining will depend on the length and diameter of the pipe (amongst other things). We have an online calculator you can use to estimate the costs of pipe relining based on the meterage to be covered. For a firm quotation, please call us for one of our certified plumbers to attend your property to perform an inspection.

We will Beat a Comparative Quotation

We pride ourselves in competitive quotes you can trust and afford. If our price can be beaten by a comparative quotation, simply contact us, present the quotation and we will do our best to beat or match the estimate.

When to Call Pipe Relining Solutions

You can call Pipe Relining Solutions any time you need professional advice, emergency repairs and fast pipe solutions.

We make pipe leaks and consistently blocked drains a thing of the past. Our trained technicians form specialised pipe relining teams who deliver long lasting repairs. This allows us to provide you with a 35 year guarantee on our repairs.

For the best prices and unmatched quality in pipe reline services, speak to Pipe Relining Solutions. We are here to make the biggest difference in the way pipes are fixed and keep your plumbing systems in full operating order.

Simply call us or send us a mail on our enquiry form and we will be there to help you with unmatched quality pipe repairs and relining services.

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