The Importance of Brawoliner Pipe Relining in Redfern

A need for faster, cleaner and more cost effective solutions has contributed to the growth of pipe relining in Redfern and Sydney. If you have a leaking underground plumbing pipe or persistently clogged drains, pipe relining is a very viable option. Discover the beneficial features Sydney’s leading pipe relining service provider is offering homes and businesses.

How Pipe Relining Solutions Can Help You

We are Sydney’s pipe relining experts. We have been successfully relining Sydney’s drains since 2010. Our role is to keep pipes free flowing and prevent drainage clogs responsible for damage. We incorporate Brawoliner as a pipe relining service because of its immense advantages.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a method of repairing broken, damaged or leaking pipes without the need to excavate. We achieve this by inserting an epoxy resin soaked liner into the affected pipe work where it is cured in place using hot and then cold water. Only one access point is required so it is very affective option in areas where access is particularly difficult.

Cost Effective Pipe Repair

As excavation is not required, this generally saves the property owner the cost of restoring paving, the driveway or tiling. Not to mention the time needed to organise these trades.


The pipe relining process generally takes less than one day to complete. This means less disruption and downtime of your essential sewer or storm water services.

A High Performing System

Brawoliner is recognised as the highest quality and most effective solution for trenchless pipe relining. It delivers repairs that are permanent, durable and is able to prevent tree roots from penetrating and damaging the pipe in the future. Investing in the services of trained technicians ensures that Brawoliner is correctly installed and guaranteed.

Long Term Guarantee

The lifespan of pipes repaired with Brawoliner is up to 50 years. Pipe Relining Solutions offers a 35 year guarantee on pipes we repair. We also offer free annual inspection to ensure the integrity of the installation.

Delivered by Pipe Relining Solutions’ Trained Technicians

At Pipe Relining Solutions, Brawoliner is installed by our highly trained and skilled technicians. It takes 12 months to train a technician to run a relining job without supervision. We don’t want to take any chances with the quality of your installation.  We want to give you the confidence that your plumbing is repaired once and for all.

The Cost of Pipe Relining in Redfern

When pipes become damaged and drains no longer remove or flush waste, it is time for a plumbing inspection. Contact our office and will will organise one of our trained technicians to perform a CCTV inspection of your pipe work and provide you with a detailed quote.

You can also use our online calculator to get an idea of our pipe reline costs.

Speak to the Team at Pipe Relining Solutions

For more than a decade Pipe Relining Solutions has been delivering Brawoliner pipe relining to homes and businesses across Sydney. Designed to repair pipes without digging, it has changed the way we repair residential and commercial pipes.

Contact Pipe Relining Solutions by giving us a call or using our contact form, and benefit from our 35 year guarantee on all repaired pipes and drains.

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