The Reasons for Pipe Relining in Woolwich

When plumbing leaks and blocked drains affect your home or business, it could be a sign of major pipe damage. Underground plumbing is difficult to assess without the professional techniques and technologies introduced by licensed pipe repair experts. Many property owners are hesitant to have pipes fixed because of the cost involving excavation and the time to restore the dug-up area. Fortunately, pipe relining offers a faster and less invasive alternative. When you need help with permanent pipe solutions that deliver affordability and a pipe repair you can trust, learn why Pipe Relining Solutions is the best pipe rehabilitation service in Woolwich and surrounding Sydney suburbs.

Why Choose Pipe Relining

A relined pipe is a lasting pipe. At Pipe Relining Solutions, our trained technicians use Brawoliner, a pipe reline system, to facilitate permanent repairs. Our trusted methods and high quality technology allow us to provide fully custom pipe relining to strengthen and repair pipes and drains. The contemporary approach extends the lifespan of damaged piping up to 50 years and prevents future tree root intrusions. Pipe relining is the value adding choice for homes and businesses where pipe excavation is not viable.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining in Woolwich

Cost Effective

Pipe relining is performed by our technicians using Brawoliner. It is our no dig approach to repairing pipes which circumvents excavation. When pipes do not have to be excavated and replaced, and surrounding structures or landscapes remain intact, it reduces the costs, the inconvenience and the restoration associated with excavation.


A pipe reline service is performed on pipes of different dimensions. It is also suited to pipes with bends up to 90 degrees and changes of diameter. It can be used to repair junctions, boundary traps and building stacks.

Minimal Disturbance

Pipe relining creates less chaos and mess than dig and replace methods of repair. It is also fast, with most relining jobs taking less than one day to complete. The quieter operation of Brawoliner means less disturbance for business and residents.

Environmentally Sustainable

Fauna and flora are protected against excavation making it an eco-conscious alternative.

What Does Pipe Relining in Woolwich Cost?

If you are considering pipe relining, contact our specialised plumbing technicians. We will issue an accurate quote based on an assessment of your pipes achieved via a CCTV sewer or storm water inspection.

For an immediate idea of the costs you can use our online calculator to learn of our estimated costs.

When to Call Pipe Relining Solutions

Should you suspect damage to your pipes or drains, contact the team at Pipe Relining Solutions. We will provide a transparent and trusted quotation to deliver permanent repairs. If you have received a quotation from a separate service provider, we will work to beat any comparable quotation.

We Guarantee the Quality of Our Workmanship

Pipe Relining Solutions issues a 35 year guarantee on all relined pipes. Our licensed and trained technicians use Brawoliner to facilitate pipe relining for residential, commercial, strata and industrial properties.

If you need Sydney’s leading solution to permanent and affordable pipe repair, give us a ring or fill in our contact form. Get rid of the foul smells from clogged drains for good. We will help you with responsive and reliable services because we are the industry’s best.

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