This home owner had a seriously blocked pipe caused by tree roots, and the only way to access the sewer to clean it was from up the offending fig tree. In the end it turned into a Sydney Water problem. Pipe Relining Solutions provided the evidence to support the claim so that the property owner could get the pipe repaired at no expense. 

Sewer access from the fig tree

This home owner had a blocked pipe that ran into Victoria Street, Bellevue Hill. When Pipe Relining Solutions was called out to investigate, we found that a fig tree had grown around the sewer access point on the nature strip, making it almost impossible to access.  Our trained, experienced jet operator didn’t hesitate to do what was necessary to clear the line by accessing the sewer from up the fig tree itself. We use a turbine which creates a stream of highly pressurised water to remove debris and effluent from the pipe, we aid this process by twisting and turning the hose as the turbine moves through the pipe.

Time to contact Sydney Water

We cleared the blocked pipe but discovered that the sewer line had collapsed at the vertical shaft in the middle of Victoria Street. As the pipe had collapsed in the middle of a public road, we organised for Sydney Water to take over the job after supplying them with the required evidence.  Sydney Water excavated the street and replaced the sewer line at no cost to the home owner.

The fig tree lives on…

“Road or footpath excavations

If your licensed plumber finds that your private wastewater pipes have collapsed under a public road or public footpath and we verify that the collapse can’t be repaired without excavating, we may be able to help with the repair at no cost to you through the Collapsed Private Service in Public Land Program  (conditions apply). Note that we can’t reimburse you or your plumber for any plumbing costs related to this work.”

Sydney Water

We are here to help

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