If a high pressure water jet blaster can’t cut out out a tree root, then a robotic cutter will.

This home owner in The Hills District was experiencing pooling in the back yard. On inspection with a CCTV drain camera we discovered a massive tree root inside the pipe. The root was causing the pipe to block and crack resulting in overflow into the garden. We also discovered that the pipe was located 2 metres underground. The cost associated with excavating the pipe work to remove the root would have been exorbitant. Not only due to the manpower required, but also due to trenching requirements for depths greater than 1.5 metres.

We first tackled the problem using a high pressure water jet. Due to its size, it was taking a long time to remove the root. We didn’t want the home owner to get a large jetting bill so it was time to think of an alternative…

Getting out the big guns

Instead, to save time (and money) for the home owner, we used our IMS robotic cutter to chop out the root. Not only did we remove the root completely, we did it more quickly than would have been possible with a high pressure water jet.

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