Due to the depth and difficult access of a problem pipe, this Sydney home owner had no option but to repair her leaking pipe using a ‘no-dig’ solution.

Ruth, a home owner in Darling Point, discovered water coming through the steps in her garden. She wasn’t sure if it was surface run-off or something was broken below ground. The leaking was unsightly and was making the steps slippery. She knew she had to get the problem investigated before someone slipped.

Finding the problem

Ruth called Pipe Relining Solutions and asked us to investigate. Using a CCTV camera, we found that the sewer was located 4m below the steps and was severely dislodged. Not only that, the access was difficult owing to the sloping nature of the land. Luckily the pipe work hadn’t collapsed and could still be relined. Due to the depth of the pipe and the difficult access, it would have been impossible to excavate. For Ruth, relining was the only option.

The Pipe Relining Solutions team showed Ruth the footage to demonstrate the problem and provided a free quote for a no-dig solution rather than pipe replacement. The landscaping didn’t need to be excavated, and the home owner could save on restoration costs.

Difficult access

A full pipe reline was completed for the main line, sealing the root infested joints and cracks with epoxy resin. An inversion method of applying the resin was used, rolling the seamless liner through the pipe, oozing the resin into the joints and cracks as it went. The result was a robust pipe within a pipe for the sewer line.

Deep leak fixed

Ruth no longer experiences leaks on the steps and has a 35 year guarantee to give her peace of mind. She’ll call the Pipe Relining Solutions office in 12 months time to schedule her free, annual inspection just to make sure everything is still fine below ground.

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