When the cost of repairing a major sewer problem was too expensive for this home owner in Balmain, Pipe Relining Solutions gave him peace of mind with an interest-free payment plan.

Pipe problems under the pool

With a sewer line that needed cleaning every few months, home owner Patrick wanted a more permanent fix for his pool pipe problems. Horrible smells and water damage to his property kept reappearing, and the plumbing costs were adding up. The smells were starting to get embarrassing and affecting family life.

Pipe Relining Solutions found the sewer line infested with tree roots. We gave Patrick a free quote for a no-dig, long-term solution. The solution was perfect, but even though the cost was less than a dig and replace solution, a lump sum payment was out of Patrick’s reach.

Payment plans without interest

We offer 6-month interest-free payment plans for qualifying customers using Humm90.

Patrick’s application was approved in a few hours, so Pipe Relining Solutions could get on with the much-needed work. He was happy to solve the problem now and pay it off in affordable chunks over two years, without paying any interest.

Pipe relining for difficult spaces

Patrick’s sewer line ran directly under the house and the pool. Digging up the pool to get to the pipe was not an option; it was the perfect job for relining. Thirty-four metres of pipe was relined, sealing the pipe from start to finish in one go.

Bring in the bots

After the relining, a branch line in the sewer needed to be reopened. The team used a specialised robotic cutter, controlling it to crawl down the line and cut the junction out so water could flow back into the main line.

Peace of mind

Taking just one day to complete, there was no inconvenience to Patrick’s and his family. The payment plan meant he could promise his family there’d be no more nasty smells, and his budget was boosted by an end to costly plumbing bills and property damage.

Choosing an interest-free pipe relining plan brings the same guarantees as any Pipe Relining Solutions job: a 35-year installation guarantee and a 50-year life expectancy.

Talk to the friendly team

The friendly team at Pipe Relining Solutions can help find a payment plan to suit your needs. Call 1300 366 834.