It’s been a strange year in many ways, but for many of us, the ongoing pandemic has been a reminder of how it’s important to protect against illness. We take a lot of stuff for granted these days; we have many priorities and concerns to attend to, and out of sight is often out of mind as a result of that.

Pipe Relining Solutions is committed to supporting Australia’s front-line workers and sectors during the pandemic. If you’d like to know more about how to keep nursing home sewers safe and clean during Covid-19, read on.

Disease Prevention And Sewers

For busy building services managers, it’s essential to have access to licensed, compliant and trustworthy sewer maintenance services when it comes to disease prevention – but with aged-care residents being a high-risk group and spending more time on the premises than ever, that need is heightened.

Here at Pipe Relining Solutions, we regularly review our hygiene practices and update training methods during times of health crisis or seasonal illness to ensure compliance with Government directives. Our commitment to the wellbeing of our customers is paramount to what we do. We have strict hygiene procedures in place at all times, and we practice social distancing. During Covid-19, we’ve been taking extra special precautions.

If you’d like to learn more about how Pipe Relining Solutions works in sensitive, high-risk sectors and how effective sewer maintenance in aged-care environments prevents the spread of disease, you can use our enquiry form or even give us a call on 1300 366 834.

How Aged-Care Sewer Inspections Work

Nursing home sewer maintenance starts with a free CCTV pipe inspection. We thoroughly examine the fabric of your systems to make sure there are no immediate leaks or potential future problems. In aged care homes, prevention is especially critical because moving tenants out of a facility to deal with blocked drains can be expensive, disruptive, and sewerage leaks in nursing homes can pose a real risk to health.

Pipe Relining Services is fully licensed, and our technicians undergo extensive additional specialist training. If you have an existing sewer problem, our repair systems are Watermark approved for Australian conditions and come with a thirty-five-year guarantee. Pipe relining is the least disruptive sewer repair method on the market. There’s minimal excavation works required, and many pipe reline jobs can be completed in just one day, with minimal disturbance for residents and front-line care workers.

You can find out more about pipe relining costs by using our online calculator or talking to a member of our friendly, expert team.

How Pipe Relining Solutions Works With Strata And Aged-Care Facility Managers

Our technicians and teams have years of experience carrying out sewer repairs in retirement villages, aged-care environments, and nursing homes. We regularly work with aged-care managers and professionals to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and address nursing home pipe inspections promptly, professionally, and quickly.

During a health crisis like the pandemic, the integrity, safe operation, and maintenance of sewer systems is crucial. Pipe inspections for nursing homes during flu season are just as important. Using a fully accredited, experienced, and meticulously trained pipe relining contractor like Pipe Relining Solutions is the best way to prevent future problems.

Trust the Sydney Pipe Relining Experts

Whether you need a periodic sewer inspection in a nursing home, retirement village, or other aged-care facility, or you need a pipe relining quote to address a current issue; you can trust Sydney’s best pipe relining contractor. Utilise our experienced pipe reline technicians and experience fewer disruptions by turning to Pipe Relining Solutions. We can supply an informative, free quote* based on a thorough and comprehensive drain inspection, and we’re always available to discuss your pipe repair and maintenance requirements on 1300 366 834.