Sewer Repair and Burst Pipe Solutions

If you’re a facility manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Plumbing is a regular issue to manage and sewer repairs are jobs that won’t wait. We know when you need help, you need it quickly.

We take the pressure off with ‘no dig’ sewer repair and pipe fixing works. You protect the building and the owner’s investment, manage risks and cost blowouts, and prioritise any safety issues.

Dealing with an unpleasant plumbing or sewer problem means thinking quickly and being one step ahead with the best approach.

Our know-how means quick assessment of you needs, fixed quotes and knowledge of regulatory and compliance issues. We’re your silent partner in managing cracked, leaking or root-infested drains and sewer pipes to meet your KPIs.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Pipe relining creates a completely new pipe inside the old one. The new pipe is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC pipe, and guaranteed for 35 years.

It’s the smart choice to minimises cost, disruption, and keep other projects you’re managing on schedule.

Why Pipe Relining for Sewer Repair?

Quick sewer repair and fixing burst pipes in a hurry doesn’t have to mean digging. Our no-dig approach minimises disruption for building tenants and protects assets and solve the problem without adding excavation and landscaping costs to your budget.

Pipe relining suits domestic, commercial and industrial pipes, sewers and drains from 100mm to 300mm wide with multiple bends, changes in pipe diameter, horizontal, vertical, concealed pipes and junctions.

Why Facility Managers Work With Us

  • We’re drainage experts, so we clear blocked drains using high pressure water jets before we reline.
  • We use the state of the art Brawoliner®  The new ‘pipe within a pipe’ is has a life expectancy of 50 years, so you’re buying pipes to last a lifetime.
  • Our installation is guaranteed for 35 years. We inspect the job annually – if there’s a problem, we fix it.
  • Responsive service takes the pressure off. We help you meet facility management KPIs and contracted response times. We get you back to normal quickly.
  • Our ‘no dig’ pipe relining and sewer repair solutions are cost effective. We don’t have to dig, so you don’t need to pay to re-landscape the area later.
  • Free quotes, and investigation using our CCTV cameras so you can see the pipe issues for yourself.
  • Communication is part of our service. We help with letters to tenants and neighbours to advise on works.

Managing Facility Management Projects

We support facility managers by:

  • Providing reports and recommendations for your company or building owner
  • Meeting with you onsite to discuss the project and options for emergency work
  • Providing annual inspections on our completed jobs for peace of mind in the investment you’ve made in your property
  • Offering inspection services and help to develop ongoing maintenance plans.
  • Providing letters to tenants advising of any potential disruption. Communication is part of our service.

Fast Facts on Pipe Relining:

  • Relined pipes have better flow and more effective protection from root penetration than new pipes.
  • Pipe relining can repair small or localised issues with satellite junctions or sectional pipe repairs.
  • We can reline old cast iron stacks in apartment blocks, trade waste and pump out lines.

Sydney’s ‘no dig’ Sewer Repair Experts

Pipe Relining Solutions are Sydney’s leading experts in ‘no dig’ sewer repair. Our experienced plumbers are fully trained, our equipment is state of the art, and we guarantee our work.

Free Quotes

Our technical experts visit your property to understand the problem and provide a free quote.

After the Job is Done

After the project is finished, we’re on hand with:

When we reline your pipes, they’ll last a lifetime.

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