Relining combines the use of a fibrous liner and resin product which hardens the liner against the host pipe to create a pipe within a pipe. But are all drainage solutions borne equal? Are they all environmentally friendly?

Pipe Relining Solutions uses the German made Brawoliner drainage solution system. This system uses a combination of a strong, seamless liner woven with environmentally friendly fibres and epoxy resin which is non carcinogenic.

The way that the Brawoliner system is applied to the pipe (using an inversion method) means that resin won’t leak into storm water systems to contaminate waterways whilst relining is in process. As relining completely seals the pipe work, any waste that was leaching into the subsoil around the pipework is halted, reducing its impact on the environment. Left alone this can become a major health hazard, not only for humans but any wildlife in the local vicinity.

The Brawoliner system has been certified to be environmentally friendly when hardened by the German Institute for the Environment and Hygiene. It is particularly good around waterways, streams, and important eco systems as there is no need to dig up the pipework – reducing the impact on these eco systems. The flora and fauna at the site of the reline won’t experience a change in their environment. The dig and replace solution is invasive and will disrupt eco systems for days, months or even years.

Pipe relining is an ideal solution for repairing pipe work under house foundations, in slabs, under walls and fences, driveways and established gardens, not to mention any concrete encased pipework such as downpipes or stacks.

Brawoliner has high chemical and abrasion resistance ensuring that what’s put down the pipe work won’t corrode the repaired pipe leaving you in the same position as you started. It comes with a useful life of 50 years which ensures no further work is needed, in some cases, for the rest of the Owner’s life..