Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road? It got stuck in a crack! Whilst this is a bad joke, what’s even worse is excessive toilet paper use that impacts the environment or results in a blocked toilet.

As bad as the thought might be, we all have to use the bathroom.

These days, we thankfully have access to a saving grace – toilet paper. These handy little rolls can be incredibly useful. Considering they were only invented in 1857, it makes you wonder what people used before its arrival? Their hands? Yuk. Sticks and leaves? Gross. Or nothing at all!

Toilet Roll Is Bad For The Environment

Whether you’re into single ply, double, or even the moist variety for those of us with sensitive bottoms – where do you think all of this paper comes from?

Trees. Huge Ones.

In order to keep up with our toiletry demands, the paper manufacturing companies have had to come up with a way to meet our requirements. On average, roughly 83 million new rolls of toilet paper are produced every single day! 27,000 trees are used each day to produce the world’s toilet paper.  With a bit of quick-math it means that a whopping 9.8 million trees are cut down to make toilet paper every year! Shocking statistics, right? Considering that the average tree takes 10-15 years to mature, it’s almost unbelievable that we haven’t run out yet!

Toilet Roll Is Bad For Your Hip Pocket

Not only is using too much toilet paper bad for the environment, using too much can also result in your toilet backing up. You’ll then need to hire a plumber to unblock your toilet. Toilet roll can also get stuck on any tree roots protruding into your pipe work resulting in a drain blockage further down your pipe system. The more luxurious (and thick) the toilet roll, the less your plumbing will be able to withstand. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your drains checked periodically so you can be aware of any pipe problems before they start impacting the household. This also prevents the panicky feeling when the toilet level starts to rise.

Next time that you visit the bathroom, why not consider using a few less sheets, or investing in a bidet to minimise your paper use altogether?  Think about it, using too much paper is bad for the environment and your hip pocket especially if you need to call a plumber to unblock your toilet.

If it’s too late and you need a plumber to clear your blocked toilet, call Pipe Relining Solutions on 1300 366 834.