Council Pipe and Sewer Relining

Stormwater and Sewer Pipe Relining Methodologies need to meet Council Compliance Standards. 

We reline pipes from 50mm to 300mm in diameter and up to 200 metres long – all with one continuous liner. For sectional pipe repairs above 225mm in diameter, we use compliant triple layer glass matting.

Safety First

Safety comes first for all plumbing, pipe and sewer issues on Council land and facilities. Not only do you need to fix the issue and protect property, you’re responsible for public health and safety. Our experience working with Council maintenance and facility management departments means we know what’s important. We deliver safe, efficient pipe and sewer relining in emergency and maintenance situations. When dealing with plumbing or sewer problems, you need the peace of mind of a trusted supplier who’ll get the job done right.

Years of experience means we’re across all OH&S requirements. Safety is our top priority. Our staff is trained to use the right equipment to keep the public, residents and themselves safe. We lodge enquiries with Dial Before You Dig as part of our project plan, so there’s no issues when the job is underway. We work with you to organise work permits and cover traffic control requirements.

Why Choose Sewer Relining?

The old way to fix drains was to dig them up and repair the damage. Blocked drains in Sydney are usually caused by tree roots – they crack and collapse earthenware and PVC sewer systems. You can remove the roots with high-pressure water jetting, but they’ll be back within months. Relining is a ‘no dig’ permanent solution to repairs cracks and prevent blockages.

Pipe relining creates a completely new pipe inside the old one. The new pipe is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC pipe, and guaranteed for 50 years.

Smart Sewer Relining Solutions for Councils

  • Relining pipes from 50mm up to 300mm in diameter and up to 200 metres long – all with one continuous liner.
  • State of the art systems to handle multiple bends of up to 90° and two changes in pipe diameter.
  • Repairing sewer, storm water, earthenware, copper, asbestos, PVC and cast-iron pipes.
  • Horizontal, vertical and concealed pipes and junctions are all suitable to be relined. We can reline boundary traps and cast-iron stacks in apartment buildings.
  • The Brawoliner® inversion pipe relining system guaranteed for 35 years.
  • Custom-built, insulated and climate controlled trucks for relining and pipe patching to deliver the best result.

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