Learn More About Pipe Relining in Waverley

If persistent leaks, clogged drains and problematic plumbing are getting in the way of you enjoying your home, it is time to call on Pipe Relining Solutions. We repair pipes of all dimensions whether broken and causing leaks, invaded by tree roots or damaged by changes in temperature. With pipe relining services, you can rest assured that your pipes and drains will work the way they should. Learn more about pipe relining services in Waverley for your home, business, strata, and industrial property.

What is Pipe Relining?

If you are unfamiliar with pipe relining, you will be surprised to know when you need pipe repair, you no longer have to cover the cost, complexities, and time of pipe excavation. Historically, pipes had to be dug up to reach the damage remove the pipe and replace with a new one. This process was time consuming and very disruptive. As experts in pipe repair with more than a decade of experience, we have searched far and wide to find the best pipe repair system to save time and to save money, for you, as our valued customer.

The Pipe Relining Solutions technicians have undergone 12 months of training to operate our pipe relining system – Brawoliner. We use Brawoliner because it is the best pipe relining system in the world. It delivers a strong rehabilitation solution creating a durable, lasting, and smoother pipe. Pipe relining works by installing an epoxy soaked liner into the problematic pipe work. The resin is then cured with the application of hot and then cold water to create an internal pipe of equal diameter wall thickness that improves the flow of waste.  It repairs cracks and general damage leaving your pipe as good as new.

Pipe Relining Solutions doesn’t need to excavate your pipes to complete repairs. We apply Brawoliner and deliver on our promises of a seamless pipe repair and restoration.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

  • Pipe relining performed by our professional technicians can fix pipes with bends up to 90 degrees and changes in diameter.
  • If you experience persistently clogged drains, a pipe reline service can provide relief. The relined internal pipe condition creates a smooth and seamless consistency allowing free flow of waste.
  • You save on the cost of restoring your property to its original condition due to our no excavation approach.
  • Pipe relining is highly efficient with repair generally taking less than one day to complete.
  • The longevity of pipes is extended up to 50 years with Brawoliner pipe relining.
  • Pipe Relining Solutions offers a 35 year guarantee on our installations.

Speak to Pipe Relining Solutions for a Valuable Quotation

The cost of pipe relining is determined by the extent of damage, the pipe dimensions, and the presence of obstructions. For an accurate quotation, we will dispatch our certified technicians to inspect the pipe and advise on repairs.

You can also obtain a quick estimate of costs by using our online calculator with a few key bits of information.

Choose Our Relining Services for Guaranteed Repairs

When you choose Pipe Relining Solutions to perform pipe repairs, we issue a 35 year guarantee on our relined pipes.

We will beat any comparable quotation. Simply contact us with the relevant details and we will do our best to provide a better rate!

When pipe damage occurs, you can rely on the team at Pipe Relining Solutions. Give us a call or use our online contact form, and we will be in touch.

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