Upper North Shore Pipe Relining

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The Upper North Shore is comprised of residential and bushland suburbs with detached houses in leafy streets. Containing some of the oldest residential areas of Sydney, the North Shore is also known for its extensive gardens and mature European trees.

From a pipe perspective, as an older suburb, it is characterised by earthenware pipe work. This, coupled with the large number of trees in the area, provide ideal conditions for tree root infestation into pipe systems. This results in blocked drains, overflowing pipes and, in more extreme cases, collapsed sewer and storm water services.

Pipe relining is the ideal technology to fix damaged, broken and root infested pipes in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. Only one access point is required and little to no digging at all. This also means that homeowners can save their well-established gardens, landscaping and paving. Most pipes can be up and running again on the same day so there is minimal down-time.  

Upper North Shore pipe relining offers the following benefits:

  • Renews pipe work without digging
  • Saves your trees, garden & driveway
  • Minimal disruption
  • Eliminates tree root problems for good
  • Tough, durable & watertight
  • Stronger than brand new PVC
  • 35 year installation guaranteed
  • 50 years life expectancy

Why choose Pipe Relining Solutions for Upper North Shore pipe relining?

  • Our reliners are in-house and highly experienced: we have been relining for over 10 years.
  • We were trained in Germany by Brawoliner®.
  • We are drainage specialists: we reline and clear drains all day, every day.
  • Our pricing is competitive: We will beat any comparable quote.
  • We offer interest free finance.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.

On completion of your works you will receive:

  • Before and after footage of your relined pipe work
  • A 35 year installation guarantee certificate
  • Annual inspection at no extra cost

If you need a pipe relining Upper North Shore specialist to provide a quote or more information regarding our pipe relining services, call 1300 DONT DIG or fill out our Pipe Relining Contact Form here.

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