Sydney school drainage repair makes the grade

Upgrading to a state-of-the-art playing field at a prominent school in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney unearthed severe drainage problems – including a broken stormwater. It was up to the Pipe Relining Solutions team to get this new facility up and running before school started back.

From grass to turf

It was an exciting time at this Sydney private school when their grass field was replaced with state-of-the-art playing turf. But the excitement was short lived when water began pooling on the turf surface.

Pipe Relining Solutions investigated and found the old, earthenware stormwater system beneath the turf field wasn’t in good shape. Cracked and broken in several locations, water was not draining away as it should. Water was backing up and overloading the new turf drainage.

Neighbourhood challenges, and a no-dig solution for broken stormwater

The school’s complex storm water system ran under several well-established homes. Digging up the neighbouring backyards to replace the pipework was not an option. Aside from needing access permission from owners, it would be expensive, require mature gardens to be re-established and take weeks to complete.

Relining the stormwater pipes was the best option. Pipe relining is possible when replacement isn’t, being faster and cleaner with no digging needed. It is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC and has a faster flow rate than most existing pipes.

Taking care

A small section of broken pipework at a vertical shaft needed fixing first. It was so damaged, replacement was the only option. To add to the challenge, an established tree which couldn’t be damaged or removed, sat above the break.

Taking care to preserve the tree roots, the Pipe Relining Solutions team dug through to the pipe with hand shovels, with soil and clay dug out laid on tarpaulins to protect the grass. Replacing the broken pipe with PVC pipework and fittings meant the remainder of the stormwater repair through pipe relining could be done in one go. Brawoliner inversion method of relining and specialised robotic cutting equipment was used to get the job done.

Relining saves time and money

Pipe relining cost the school, a fraction of a “dig up and replace” option. With a 35 year guarantee on installation and a 50-year life expectancy, the school has peace of mind their new turf will drain properly for a long time to come.

Pipe Relining Solutions completed the project in three days, leaving little trace they had been there. With work done during school holidays, the drainage system and new playing turf were ready for the new school year.

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