When the plumbing contractor for the new building being erected at 388 George Street, Sydney received an SOS call from the building manager, he called Pipe Relining Solutions. Our team resolved the issue – working late into the night – to rehabilitate the problem caused by a corroded cast iron pipe running under George Street, and its newly installed tram lines.  

Identifying the problem

The Pipe Relining Solutions team inspected the line and found the cast iron pipe was a main sewer line and was corroded and leaking. It was completely inaccessible due to its location under busy George Street and the newly installed tram lines.

Relining 300-400mm Cast Iron Pipe

The Pipe Relining Solutions team worked late into the night to rehabilitate the 300-400mm cast iron sewer line using Brawoliner and epoxy resin.

Rehabilitated Pipe

The pipe is now completely sealed.

Because no trenches were needed, there was no cost for disrupting George Street or reinstating the tram line. Pipe Relining Solutions provided new video footage of the repaired pipe, which was ticked off as compliant following a thorough inspection.

The quick turnaround from problem to solution meant no site hold-ups and no penalties for the plumbing contractor. More conventional approaches for repair, including digging up and replacing the pipe, could have meant lengthy delays and horrendous expense.

Why choose pipe relining for large-scale pipe problems?

  • Construction site specialists
  • Stronger than PVC pipe
  • Improved flow rate
  • 50-year life expectancy
  • 35 year guaranteed installation work
  • Fast and free quotes

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