With a stormwater line overflowing and pooling at the side of the house, this home owner in Mosman needed a solution to  her stormwater problem before his property foundations were compromised.

Down pipe disaster

Mark knew he had plumbing issues when water started pooling at the base of the downpipes at the side of his house. With a large concrete slab over the affected area, he expected an expensive solution. If the concrete slab had to be ripped up, the family would need to fit in with a construction site, and the garden would need restoration when the plumbers were done.

Pipe Relining Solutions used CCTV tools to identify tree roots were the problem. They’d broken the main stormwater line running along the side of the house, and a pipe connecting house stormwater to the city stormwater line.

No-dig solution

The Pipe Relining Solutions team showed Mark the footage to demonstrate the problem and provided a free quote for a no-dig solution rather than pipe replacement. The concrete slab didn’t need to be disturbed, and Mark could save on restoration costs.

Expect the unexpected

As the high-pressure water jet cleaned the main line and removed the tree roots blocking the pipe, another issue was discovered. The main line pipework was so severely damaged, a complete system collapse was possible. That would force Mark to replace his stormwater line by digging, leaving a mess to be restored. Pipe relining the main and connecting lines was the best option to contain the damage if the piping system collapsed.

Pipe Relining Solutions kept Mark up to date by showing him what was inside the pipes and recommending effective and budget-friendly fixes.

Step 1: Pipe within a pipe solution for the main line

A full pipe reline was completed for the main line, sealing the root infested joints and cracks with epoxy resin. An inversion method of applying the resin was used, rolling the seamless liner through the pipe, oozing the resin into the joints and cracks as it went. The result was a robust pipe within a pipe for the main stormwater line.

Step 2: Repairing the connecting pipe with minimal digging

Previous repairs to the pipe connecting the house and city stormwater had failed. With water blocked by sand and debris pooling at Mark’s downpipes, there was no choice but to dig. Pipe Relining Solutions dug a small hole to replace the broken pipework with PVC. The relining process sealed the pipe line from tree roots and strengthened the joint connection. Minimal digging to reline, rather than a complete excavation to replace the pipe, helped Mark avoid the stress and costs of digging up and restoring the large concrete slab.

A relieved home owner

As promised by Pipe Relining Solutions, there’s no water pooling at the bottom of the downpipes.

“I can highly recommend Pipe Relining Solutions. The highly durable product is excellent and avoids the inconvenience associated with digging up and reconstitution of gardens and concrete paths. Pipe Relining Solutions were very professional and competent. Unexpected challenges were dealt with efficiently and effectively, and the site was left clean and tidy. I am particularly pleased with the quality of service. Great job!”

Mark, Sydney home owner

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