Call a Blocked Drains Plumber

Help! You have a blocked drain, who should you call? What kind of equipment should they have?

Firstly don’t panic! It’s easier said than done when you have a foul mess or smell coming from your sewer. But there are drainage professionals out there who have the tools to fix your problem relatively quickly and inexpensively.

First – call someone who has vast experience in clearing drainage blockages. Here at Pipe Relining Solutions we hear customers say “I wish I’d called a blocked drains plumber first before spending money with a plumber who could only fix half the problem”. So, when you’re calling a plumber ask if they deal with blocked drains on a daily basis. If not (and they spend more time working on plumbing inside the home) they may not be the person you want to clear your blockage.

  • Second, ask them what kind of equipment they use. You may have heard of electric eels or drain snakes. These are machines you put down the line that mill or cut down the blockage using a rotating head. They do clear blockages but there are a number of things you should be aware of when using one in your drains.
    Because of the rotating head it is possible to damage PVC and earthenware pipes especially at junctions and bends: the head can rotate right through the bend instead of going around it. That means costly repairs.
  • It can take several hours to get through root infestation: the number one culprit for blocked drains in Sydney. Usually Plumbers charge by the hour so it’s a costly exercise if you have a large blockage.
  • Because they are only cutting through the roots they may leave behind roots that will grow back quickly.
  • If your blockage is further than 20 meters down the line, the head will not function as power is diminished the further the rotating head travels.

The new kid on the block is a high-pressure water jet. These jets pump water down your line at a pressure of 4000-5000psi. They not only clear the blockage but they clean your line removing potential for smells and future blocking points.

  • Jetting won’t damage your pipes the way a rotating device can. It’s worth noting however that over time jetting pipes to clear roots instead of repairing the cracks that the roots enter the pipe work through, could result in irreparable damage to your pipe work. A good drainage expert will give you options to fix the problem and not continue to jet it for you.
  • Jets will most often clear a blockage in an hour, saving you time and money.
  • Best of all high pressure water jets completely clear the line of roots so you know you’ll have the maximum time available before the roots grow back and block the line. They will even clean up to 100metres away from any inspection opening so you don’t need immediate access to the blockage.

So when you need someone to clear your drains, look for the drainage experts who use the best technology for the job. They will have your problem fixed in no time at a fraction of the cost of a general plumber.