Confused? Wondering what’s the most cost-effective way to repair underground pipes? Whether you’ve got blocked drains in Sydney CBD or you need a sewage pipe relining in The Hills District, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide, so read on for an honest comparison of Pipe Reline Vs Replacement

When you spring a leak underground, urgency is obviously an issue, but getting pipe repairs right is essential if you’re going to choose the most cost-effective, long-term solution. That can seem easier said than done, however. There are a couple of different options, and when a sewer or drain gets damaged underground, it’s difficult to know precisely the nature of a problem.

That’s why, in recent times, pipe relining has become a popular option for many homeowners, companies, and building managers. Pipe relines start with a thorough underground survey. Modern technology allows pipe relining companies to inspect drains and sewers with cameras and then issue comprehensive, informative reports before preparing detailed pipe relining quotes.

Whether it’s pipe relining in the Northern Beaches or a blocked pipe underground in an Eastern Suburbs strata building, for many customers, cost is an important factor in determining whether or not to choose a pipe reline. If you’ve been asking yourself, is sewer pipe relining worth it? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at the costs of pipe relining versus the costs of pipe replacement. You’ll learn that pipe relining has many advantages that influence both cost and convenience. Specifically, customers need to consider the implications of excavation and reinstatement after a pipe replacement and the considerable costs associated with them before they decide.

That’s primarily because – no matter if it’s sewer pipe relining in Tamarama or drain repairs in the Sydney CBD – pipe relining provides customers with great value for money. There’s little or no need for excavation, and the resulting damage to homes or businesses, landscaping, and roads and footpaths.

Pipe relining companies in Australia: What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is when specialist pipe relining companies use a no-dig method to repair pipes such as sewers and drains with specialised resin liners that set hard once cured. The process is quick and simple and means customers save money and hassle because pipe relining companies don’t typically have to dig up homes, roads, footpaths, and gardens to repair pipes. Pipe relines have a longer expected lifetime than PVC pipes, and Pipe Relining Solutions in Sydney can repair pipes as small as 50mm in diameter right up to 450mm.

PVC pipe relining costs or getting a quote to fix blocked drains in Sydney can be confusing. The first thing it’s helpful to remember is not all pipe relining companies are the same. The differences start when you get a quote for pipe relining and continue throughout the process. Pipe relining companies use a broad range of materials of varying quality, and results can differ. Not only that, but they all offer differing guarantees. Pipe Relining Solutions in Sydney issues a 35-year warranty on all work, and materials are expected to last fifty years.

All pipe relining should typically follow a series of required steps. First, trenchless pipe repair – also known as no-dig drain repair – requires a thorough inspection, then cleaning of the affected pipe, followed by the actual process of relining a pipe, and then a detailed re-inspection. Here’s how Pipe Relining Solutions approaches pipe relining work:

  • First, we inspect the Blocked Drain and diagnose Your Problem

Pipe Relining Solutions technicians employ sophisticated camera equipment to explore the underground drain or sewer system at your home or premises. The resulting CCTV images and footage allow us to form a detailed picture of any subterranean pipe problems. From there, our technicians devise the most cost-effective, efficient and long-term fix.

  • Pipe relining quotation

After we’ve inspected your drain or sewer system for damage, customers get a detailed and informative pipe relining quote. We often share CCTV footage with clients as part of a comprehensive pipe relining quotation in order to explain the required process.

  • Cleaning the pipe and preparing for repair

The most efficient and effective method for cleaning and clearing a blocked pipe prior to relining is by using specialist high-pressure water jet equipment. Via this technique, Pipe Relining Solutions is able to remove not just some or the vast majority of tree roots and foreign material from inside a damaged pipe but all debris. Properly preparing a pipe for relining means repairs last longer and problems are far less likely to reoccur.

  • Relining a damaged pipe

With an appropriate solution identified and the pipe fully prepared and cleaned, it’s time to cut a specialised seamless textile liner. Once the liner is cut to the required length, our expert technicians soak it in an eco-friendly pipe relining resin and then insert it into the affected pipe using a special machine. To cure the eco-friendly pipe reline resin, we pump hot water through the drain or sewer, and the process can be completed in one working day in many cases.

  • Re-inspection and guarantee

With the pipe relining complete and cured, our technicians re-inspect the repaired section to ensure the work has been successful. Once that’s done, the drain or sewer is ready to do its job again, effectively with a ‘new pipe’ running within the damaged length. Relined pipes typically offer less resistance than older pipes with lots of obstructions like bends and couplings – even when they’re not damaged. Relined pipes are also considerably stronger than traditional pipes, and as a result, we issue a 35-year guarantee upon completion.

The Bottom Line: The costs of relining sewer pipe Vs replacement

Despite the many advantages of relining sewer pipes or fixing a blocked drain in Sydney with a liner, for many homeowners and businesses, pipe relines are still a well-kept secret. However, the benefits of drain and sewage pipe relining are becoming more and more apparent, and it is increasingly used both worldwide and here in Australia to keep stormwater and sewage systems working. In fact, the global pipe relining market is set to reach more than US $11 Billion by 2028.

While no matter how small or big the pipe relining job, customers are set to save money, the growing popularity of pipe relines is also due to the fact it’s trenchless. That’s especially true in domestic settings. The fact is, digging up floors and gardens and then making good isn’t just very expensive; it creates a real mess – and sometimes, residents would need to move out of a property due to the nature of excavation and reinstatement works.

When comparing the cost of pipe relining with the cost of excavation and traditional pipe repair, it’s helpful to know what influences both:

Pipe relining costs: A guide

Whether you need to fix a blocked pipe in a strata building or you want to tackle sewer pipe relining for your business, Pipe Relining Solutions considers several different factors when preparing a pipe reline quote. Typically, the leading influencers on costs are the length of a damaged pipe, its diameter, the number of junctions and bends, and how easy or hard it is to access.

  • The pipe diameter: is a significant pricing factor because it has a huge bearing on how much liner and resin we need to repair a sewer or drain. Bigger pipes can also take more time when it comes to clearing and sewer pipe relining work. High-quality materials play a significant role in long-term pipe relining solutions, so the diameter is always going to affect a pipe relining quote.
  • Length of the pipe affected: Of course, the extent of an affected section of pipe also influences how much it costs to reline a sewer or drain. Again, the length influences the amount of work required to clear and prepare the pipe for relining, the amount of high-quality materials we need, and the time it takes to complete the job. Customers can expect to pay approximately $500 per linear metre but remember that diameter and the following additional factors also play a part in determining a final price for pipe relines.
  • The number of bends: This also affects the cost of pipe relining. Again, the more bends, the more liner and resin we need to complete the job. Straight runs will always be cheaper to reline than damaged pipes with several bends. That being said, while bends are an influencer of drain and sewage pipe relining costs, compared to digging, it’s rarely as bad as you might think.
  • Pipe junctions and cutting: Pipe junctions also play a significant part in arriving at a quote for drain and sewage pipe relining. After we reline pipes, we also need to reinstate any junctions and inspection points. The more there are on a damaged section, the more pipe relines cost. However, one of the biggest advantages of relining pipes is how the process leaves junctions and inspection points pretty much intact in most cases. That minimises reinstatement works and means we don’t need to charge too much money to cope with junctions. After the repair, liners can be precision-cut to restore access points and where pipes join together. It’s a lot cheaper and more efficient than the process during traditional repair, which involves removing and then replacing junctions from scratch.
  • Access to damaged sections of pipe: Pipe relining access makes a difference to pipe relining costs. If you want to fix a blocked drain in Sydney, for instance, in the city, pipe relining access is typically limited by a number of factors, such as other underground services, stairs, and the fact buildings are sited closer together. With less room and vertical obstacles, the job can take longer because our technicians need to lug heavy equipment around manually, and it can be harder to set up specialist machines too. The closer access points are to damaged sections also improves pipe relining access too – and brings the cost of pipe repairs down in the process.

Use our costs calculator or get advice

If you’re concerned about the costs of drain and sewer pipe relining, it’s well worth trying out our online calculator, and if you’d rather speak to a real person, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call on 1300 366 834. Although specific factors will always influence a pipe reline quote, here at Pipe Relining Solutions, we do our level best to reduce the cost of pipe repairs

Adding up the significant costs of traditional pipe repairs: Public property

The advantages of relining pipes apply no matter where you are. If you’ve got a blocked drain or you’re considering relining sewer pipes in Sydney, most of the cost-saving effects of no-dig pipe relining are due to the fact we don’t need to excavate and then repair your building, garden, or driveway – but in some cases, traditional pipe repairs can get even more expensive. Some sewer and drain repairs mean encroaching on public highways and footpaths. When that happens, costs mount up quickly.

  • Roads and footpaths: Sydney pipe relining can be expensive when you need to dig up a road. Traffic controllers cost around $850 per day. However, there are significant expenses before you even get to that stage.
  • Road closures: Closing a public road for pipe relining in Sydney can cost a couple of thousand dollars each day. And that’s after you apply for a council permit, which amounts to $1,750. When you consider that excavation, pipe replacement, and reinstatement take a lot longer than pipe relining, comparing it with traditional repair can be a challenge.
  • Waste disposal: But that’s not where the drawbacks with excavation end. Also, consider the high cost of waste disposal, which can be substantial after a pipe repair.
  • Machinery costs: Now, add in an excavator. A driver and small machine can run up to around $120+GST per hour in New South Wales. Over several days, the cost isn’t pretty.

The high costs of traditional pipe repairs in gardens and homes

It’s not just Sydney pipe relining. Don’t forget, all over Australia, drains and wastewater pipes don’t just run under roads and footpaths; they also run below your home. Reinstating landscaping and decor isn’t cheap, and excavation and reinstatement of gardens and houses due to pipe repairs can run into many thousands of dollars quickly.

Get a pipe relining quote, talk to the experts, and save money

Pipe relining in Sydney or anywhere else doesn’t need to be a drama, although blocked drains and sewers are always unwelcome. At Pipe Relining Solutions, relining pipes and fixing blocked drains is as much about minimising disruption as costs – but we take both duties extremely seriously. Whether you need PVC pipe relining in Punchbowl pronto, to fix a blocked drain in Sydney CBD without the mess, or pipe relining in Tamarama, Tempe, or Terrey Hills, with no excavation, the savings will likely vastly outweigh the costs.

We hope this article has helped you compare the costs of traditional pipe repairs with relining, but if you’d like to learn more, either fill out the online enquiry form and get a free quote or if you’d rather speak on the phone, give us a call on 1300 366 834.