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Pipe Relining Solutions can reline blocked, cracked, leaking and root-infested pipes

In the past, the only way to fix drains was to dig them up and replace the damaged sections. The trouble is, this creates a huge mess and disruption to your home or business. Not to mention the cost of restoring the property and landscaping to its original condition.

Thankfully Pipe Relining Solutions now offers a simple, quick and reliable alternative: pipe relining. It's the 'no dig' solution for repairing blocked and damaged drains and sewers without the need for disruptive excavations.

While it's relatively new to Australia, pipe relining has a 30-year proven track record in the US and Europe. We use a state of the art relining system that has been used to reline many hundreds of kilometres of pipes across Europe.

Sydney's pipe relining experts

Pipe Relining Solutions has the expertise to make the right pipe repair recommendation to meet your budget and needs. Our experienced plumbers are fully trained, our equipment is state of the art, and we guarantee our work for 20 years. We also offer a free annual inspection of your relined pipe work so you can continue to feel confident of your investment. Read more about Pipe Relining Solutions.


What our clients say

The sewage drain from our apartment leading to the main sewer under the road was blocked by tree roots. We investigated various options; the cost of digging up the footpath and road was not feasible; we decided for the "no dig" solution to fix this problem once and for all. After obtaining a quote from one of the main companies, I contacted Matt from Pipe Relining Solutions who was very professional and came to see me the same morning. Matt gave us a much better quote and prepared videos before and after the job. Importantly, he also prepared a report for the council, as the tree roots that had penetrated the sewer pipe belonged to the council. The end result was a sewer pipe which is like brand new with no digging required and council paying part of the cost. I would certainly recommend Matt and Pipe Relining Solutions for their professionalism and competitive quotes before any of the bigger companies.

—Johan - Potts Point

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